10 Chill, Non-Electric Covers of Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’

by 8 years ago

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” — Marimba Version

Skrillex A-Capella

It’s hard to believe this guy is actually making all these noises himself. It’s even harder to believe that he decided to put on a different shirt for every single frame.

Rock Band Covers SM&NS

This cover is sick. Notice how insane the bass playing is.

Skrillex As Played Through Your Nintendo

I really hope someone designs a Skilled-inspired 8-bit game, with fireballs and lasers blasting out of your glasses. That's probably not going to happen. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what it would sound like in 8-bit NES land.

13-Year-Old Kids Do an Orchestral Cover

Evidently these Italians are 13-15 years old. Their cover is a little fast for my taste, but you have to give them credit for being this cool at such a young age.

Swedish Metal Band Covers Skrillex

This cover is brought to us by a badass Swedish metal band. Not sure what the guy says around 1:32, but let’s hope it’s something along the lines of “I need more Sprite!”


Laid-Back Jazzy Skrillex Cover

So apparently this isn’t a jazz cover. I’m not really sure what to call it except chilled-out and instrumental.

Solo Pianist Covers SM&NS

Skrillex on just a piano? This works a lot better than I thought it would, but I still wish it would drop.

Piano/Violin Cover that Grabbed Skrillex’s Attention

This girl who went to UC Berkeley arranged SM&NS, along with a couple other Skrillex songs, for her and her friends to jam out to on the viola, violin, and piano. Skrillex himself posted about this cover on his Facebook page, saying “you've GOTTA see this… I've never seen anybody who's done a piano/violin cover who's attempted to play the wobbles as well as the melody! great job girls!”

SM&NS Played on a Ukulele

There are a million and one people playing acoustic versions of this song on the guitar, but this guy takes it to a more Jack Johnson level with a ukulele cover.

Solo Guitarist Does Awesome Metal Cover

This metal video has no slo-mo head banging or drummer in alligator suit (see cover made by Swedish metal band Crowdburn), but that doesn’t keep this dude’s version of the song from being totally awesom

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