It Only Takes Six Seconds, But These Are The WORST Rap Lyrics In History



It’s amazing what can be accomplished in such a short period of time. For instance, if you were to start going to the gym twice a day, every day for a month, you WOULD see serious gains. But that’s 31 days. When I said ‘short period of time’ I was talking more about how it only takes six seconds for this rapper to spit the worst rap lyrics in the history of the game.

And not only did he just spit the worst rap lyrics ever uttered by a human being, he managed to go down infamy as ‘that one guy’ who spit the worst bars of all time, in only six seconds! To some people he’s known as Lil B, to me he’ll forever be that guy who set record for the lowest bars in history:

If he can do this in just six seconds, imagine what you can do in FIVE.