Random Girl Joins Subway Performer For Freestyle Rap And 1) This Is Fucking Incredible 2) I Think I’m In Love

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Living in NYC for a decade I can say that I never, at any point, came across a performance act in the subways as good as this. Our options are basically that group of doo-wop singers who can only sing ‘Under The Boardwalk’ or some dude banging on an empty pickle barrel trying to pass it off as music. This clip above was filmed in the subway of Berlin and it’s obvious that the subway rappers of Berlin take their craft seriously (while the NYC subway performers are just out to make a buck).

I’d stop short of saying this video is ‘perfect’ though because of that goddamn chick that came in at the end. It appears like she’s hammered, drinking some sort of booze out of a clear bottle. And she also appears to be eating peanuts out of a plastic cup while trying to stop the performance to give them a thumbs up. This trick is the worst and if this was a real performance instead of a subway freestyle rap a bouncer would’ve tossed her the fuck out immediately. This is the chick I’m talking about, the one on the right eating out of a cup:

Freestyle Subway Rap Berlin


And if you’re still wondering what this was all about here’s the video’s description:

Improvisation in the subway of Berlin. I was in Berlin for a week and I was getting out the subway station when I heard INFIDELIX rapping. I turned around and walked towards him. After listening to him killing it in a couple of songs I couldn’t help myself from wanting to sing with him. This is the result. It was a great experience.

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