Watching Taylor Swift’s Sexy Backstage Dancing Will Bring A Whole New Meaning To Your Life

by 4 years ago

Sweet Lord, have mercy! Taylor Swift coming in HOTTTTT!

Sexy, aggressive, and fearless, Taylor Swift apparently lets it all hang out when she thinks only her closest confidants are watching, as they get ready to set the stage on fire for another killer performance part of Swifty’s 1989 World Tour. She’s just incredible, guys.

You’re not allowed to hide this kinda talent from the world, Taylor Swift! It’s just not fair to everybody else.

THANK GOD a fan captured this glorious Instagram post of her absolutely fuego dance moves backstage in Detroit.

Now if there was just a way to get T-Swizzle to see my “MARRY ME” sign out in the crowd…

[h/t Feitelberg/Barstool Sports]

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