#TBT Remember How God Damn Hot Nelly Furtado Was In The ‘Promiscuous’ Video?

by 3 years ago

This song has like 90 things going for it.

1. It rocks.

2. It’s Nelly Furtado singing about how she’s a promiscuous girl.

3. Nelly Furtado, who is banging.

4. Timbaland, who is a boss.

5. Nelly Furtado, who is so, so hot.

6. The follow up to this song, Give It To Me, which also rocked.

7-90. Nelly Furtado’s abs in the video, which look so firm you could smash a bison’s skull against them.

This has been another installment in ‘Hey, remember how hot that pop star was in that mid-2000s music video?’

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