#TBT Remember How God Damn Hot Cassie Was In The ‘Me & U’ Video?

by 5 years ago

You may not remember Cassie, Bros. Hell, you may not even remember this song.

But I can guarantee you’re going to like this.


Because the entire song is about how good Cassie is at sex and how much she wants to have sex with you. It’s not called ‘Me & Some Other Dude With A Bigger Dick.’ It’s her and you. She wants to be with you. And she sounds like she’s GOOD. At sex.

Combine that with a video that’s just her moving in a dance studio and pouring water over her body and you won’t feel the three minutes you spent on this were wasted.

This has been another installment in ‘Hey, remember how hot that pop star was in that mid-2000s music video?’

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