#TBT Remember How God Damn Hot Jewel Was In The ‘Intuition’ Video (No Joke, She Was)

by 3 years ago

Did you know that folk singer Jewel, she of boring ass songs like ‘You Were Meant For Me’ and ‘Foolish Games,’ tried to get into the hottie pop star craze of the mid-2000s?

She did, with her jam ‘Intuition.’ And part of becoming a pop hottie requires filming a pop hottie video for your pop hottie song, which the video for ‘Intuition’ is.

I know, I know, you don’t believe it, but press play. Jewel’s straight up banging in this banger, in a push up bra and short shorts and some over the knee boots.

I’m serious.

This has been another installment in ‘Hey, remember how hot that pop star was in that mid-2000s music video?’

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