#TBT Remember How God Damn Hot Kesha Was In The ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ Video

by 4 years ago

There’s nothing overtly sexual about Kesha in the Your Love Is My Drug video, and that’s what we like about it.

Because for all the weirdness that she projects, there’s still a cute, so cute, girl-next-door vibe to her, especially in her younger years.

That is on full display in this video. The cut off jean shorts. The sun-kissed, beach blonde hair. The little black cowboy boots. She looks like someone you could date.

It’s so, it’s so adorable. And that smile she has throughout?



That’s a smile that sings of summer love. And that’s hotter than anything else there is.

This has been another installment in ‘Hey, remember how hot that pop star was in that mid-2000s music video?’

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