‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Releases The Newest Worst Song You Will Ever Hear

by 7 years ago

To put it nicely, Abraham's “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” is so bad that its all but guaranteed to have been listened to by every single person on the internet by the end of this week. Honestly, its really a shame that there were enough people out there who convinced themselves that this was a good idea:

With the final season of Teen Mom currently airing, Farrah Abraham is getting her hustle on in an attempt to extend her fame beyond the MTV reality show with a new tell-all memoir, a debut single from a forthcoming studio album, and revelations about drug abuse and suicidal ideations. (She has a serious modeling career to promote, people!) The song, though, is extraordinary—if only for being the most horrible combination of sounds to ever be assembled in the history of audio recording.


In a possible indication of regretting its very existence, it seems that you can only listen to the song via this link. In every sense of the phrase, prepare to have your mind blown.  

[H/T: Jezebel

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