The Essential Afrojack: Must-Have Tracks, Mixtapes, and Playlists

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Years later, Dr. 908 once again opened my eyes to the latest and greatest in house music. This time it was to an up-and-coming DJ from Rotterdam. While I was not fully convinced of what Afrojack had to offer at first listen, I could clearly see the potential in the 22-year-old DJ phenom. These initial feelings that I had to “In Your Face” are what sometimes keep listeners from diving deeper into the world of Afrojack aka Nick Van De Wall. However, for those of you reading this that also felt this way, I direct you to his most recent banger “Amanda.” For all others who are new to Afrojack, check through this playlist of his songs showcasing his smash hits, club bangers, new releases, remixes, and my personal favorites that everyone should be aware of. Like all house music, let the song progress before making your final decision. In addition to being a great DJ, Afrojack is one of the best producers in the game, having produced major dance hits like “Pon de Floor” by Major Lazer in 2009.

Unlike any other DJ, Afrojack takes house music somewhere it's never been. Fusing Latin and Dutch sounds with raging synths and pulsating drum patterns, Afro's music can get a deaf person on the dancefloor. While each of these tracks has its own unique taste, Afrojack's distinctive highs and bumping bass lines brings this 20-song playlist together. With such a unique sound, his flavor cannot be touched by any other DJ. And at such a young age, he can only get better. The support of some of the world's most famous DJs — including David Guetta, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, and others — just proves that this new Dutch house is the future in music. The way he is able to utilize never-before-heard sounds — the highs he is known for — supported by a heavy club rhythm, allows Afrojack to pump out banger after banger for the ever-changing and impatient club scene.

In addition to the unique sound that he is known for, Afrojack is an incredible performer. In the last year I have been to over 30 shows, and Afrojack is definitely one of the most energetic performers in the industry. His electrifying shows get every single person in the crowd jumping as soon as the beat drops. In this new age where DJs come and go every week, Afrojack's music allows him to remain at the top of the game before even turning 25.  
“Louder than Words” — Afrojack & David Guetta
“Moombah (Afrojack Remix)” — Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie
“Take Over Control (Ian Carey Remix)” — AfroJack
“In your Face” — Afrojack
“No Beef” — Afrojack & Steve Aoki
“Funk the Streets” — Afrojack
“Commander (Afrojack Remix)” — Kelly Rowland Feat. David Guetta
“Daft Sound” — Afrojack
“I'll Be There (Original Mix)” — Afrojack
“Cool (Afrojack remix)” — Spencer & Hill
“Bungee” — Afrojack and Bobby Burns
“Better Run (Afrojack Remix)” — Tocadisco feat Nadia Ali
“Amanda” — Afrojack
“Bangduck” — Afrojack
“Take Over Control (Original Mix)” — Afrojack ft. Eva Simons
“Satisfaction (Afrojack remix)” — Benny Benassi
“Give U More (Afrojack Remix)” — Redroche
“Polkadots (Oliver Twizt Remix)” — Afrojack
“Zeggie” — Afrojack
“Kickstarts (Afrojack Remix)” — Example


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