I Think I Found the Worst Frat Rap Song In Frat Rap History


Here at BroBible, we have a love/hate relationship with frat rap. Sure, we acknowledge it as a genre may of our readers give a shit about but… Holy shit is most of it terrible, awful music that should never see the light of day. We hate to break it to you, Bros, you will never be “I Love College”-era Asher Roth.

The most recent terrible frat rap to land in our inbox comes from a rapper by the name of Devin Chris Roy. It will make anyone who went to college cringe.

Here’s a selection of this fratstar’s lyricism:

“In the frat castle man, yeah we like to rage.”

“Get money, fuck bitches.”

“Fresh and fratty like Will Smith, my loafers on and my Venice (?) cap and my gold watches exclusive.”

“My whole team is in here, all my bros are in here, and now that we right here, I make sure that we stay here.”

“Smoking on that reindeer, I was drunk before I came here. How long did it take to get buzz, damn that took a lightyear.”

“All I take are whiskey shots, I don’t fuck with light beer.”

“I’m not in the trap house, bitch I‘m in the frat house, where Gs can’t get in and the snorers love to black out.”

“I stay in Brooks Brothers while you faggots wearing Tap Out.”

Could you possibly try harder, Bro? Give a listen to the worst frat house anthem you’ll ever hear: