Top 10 Tents For Every Musical Festival

by 6 years ago

The music festival is to the bro what Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is to Augustus Gloop. At a music festival, anything can happen. You might get wasted with your favorite rapper, or hook up with a dime piece that’s way out of your league. Plus, there are the party favors. Did we mention that you are at a music festival?

One of the often-overlooked pieces of the music festival puzzle is the tent. Unless you are going to be up three days straight on god knows what – which we do not recommend unless your name is Charlie Sheen – you are going to need a tent. This selection of tents will enable you and your crew of bros to crush whatever festival you choose.

1. This tent is the Hogwart’s of tents – there are secret passageways, plenty of rooms, and with the potions that get passed around at a music festival – who knows, you might see some magic. Prepare for a raging party in this medieval behemoth.

2. What a psychedelic dome. This geometrically shaped tent can fit upwards of 15 people. You and your bros are sure to be the toast of the town as you get toasted in this orange orb. Plus, this thing is heavy duty, so if the zombie apocalypse happens while you are watching Phish’s set, you’ll have the best place to go hide out. Don’t forget to invite Trey – he is a Jedi.

3. There is no better place to monkey around then, that’s right, the trees. Find a secluded spot in the forest and set up this dark green tent. It might be a little hard to find on the way back from a crazy show, but you’ll sleep soundly once you do. Plus, you’ll literally be higher than everyone else around you.

4. Mosquitoes make sleeping pretty much impossible, and you can’t afford to miss out on those precious few moments of shut-eye because of a horde of pesky bloodsuckers. Combat mosquitoes and watch the shooting stars do their thing through the mesh while you fall asleep.

5. This is the party tent. It looks like the kind of thing Moses would take to Burning Man. Leave the 10 Commandments behind, and get seriously sinful in this orange pavilion.

6. While there is no bathroom, this two-bedroom tent comes equipped to rage. If you or a bro brings a special lady home, don’t worry, just zip up the door and boom: instant privacy. Disclaimer: the walls are not soundproof.

7. If thunderstorms threaten to coincide with the festival, consider bringing one of these Black Diamond tents. These guys are favorites of serious backpackers for being lightweight and durable. An added bonus: girls will think you and your bros are burly mountain men. Think Bear Grylls, except American, and successful with women.

8. Fact: people will flock to the watermelon tent. Fact: it will regularly be used as a landmark within the tent city, “Yeah bro, hang a left at the watermelon and then go straight for six tents.” Just be prepared for some seriously faded festival freaks to try and take a big bite out of your tent.

9. Bringing an awning to a tent party is a pretty swagged-out move. Non-conformity is in right now. Awnings stay cooler, and you can have people filter in and out without doors. Doors are overrated bros, and so are tents, so check out this awning.

10. Of course, for the bros who can’t decide between an awning and a tent, have no fear. This understandable conundrum is solved with this tent/awning combo. Ladies really like a man who has a tent/awning combo – it’s kind of like how women are more impressed if you own your home rather than if you are living in the game-killing clutches of your parents basement. Chill inside or outside, it doesn’t matter, not with this tent/awning combo.

Don’t make a mistake and bring the wrong type of gear, it might very well ruin your festival.

Party on, bros!

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