Here Are The Top 10 Songs And Artists That Put People In The Mood For Sex (And The 10 Artists Who Ruin It)

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When it comes to dating, women and, of course, sex, I am always on the lookout for ways to help out my fellow bro.

From how much sex people your age are having to tips on how to give better oral sex, I’ve got you guys covered.

So when I saw this study put together by sex expert Tracey Cox and streaming service Deezer where they surveyed their users to determine the songs and artists that get people in the mood for sex the most, I simply had to share.

As reported by Billboard

“Music is a powerful, potent aphrodisiac so I’m not surprised so many Americans find it improves their sexual experiences,” said Cox. “Listening to music causes our brain to flood with dopamine, the pleasure hormone. The same thing happens when we’re getting intimate, so it effectively puts our bodies ‘in the mood.'”

According to Deezer, over 60 percent said the rhythm of a song was the key factor in music’s ability to improve sex, followed by an artist’s voice and the song’s melody. “Physiologically, people’s bodies love deep bass sounds, which, if loud enough, also produces vibration and make it powerfully arousing,” said Cox.

The research also found that Saturday night from 8 pm until 10 pm was the most popular time for people to hit the sheets. Unsurprisingly, certain genres of music have an either positive or negative affect on festivities: R&B (nearly 30 percent), rock (20 percent) and pop (15 percent) topped the “turn-on” list, while heavy metal and rap (45 percent each) are major “turn offs.”

Got all that? Good. On to the music.

First up, the songs that do it best…

1. “Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye
2. “Love to Love You Baby” – Donna Summer
3. “Skin” – Rihanna
4. “Drunk in Love” – Beyoncé
5. “Sexy Back” – Justin Timberlake
6. “Love Me Like You Do” – Ellie Goulding
7. “Lollipo”p – Lil Wayne
8. “Need You Tonight” – INXS
9. “Magic” – Coldplay
10. “Intro” – The XX

Next, the artists who get things rocking the most…

1. Marvin Gaye (27%)
2. Lionel Richie (18%)
3. Luther Vandross (16%)
4. John Legend (13%)
5. Usher (12%)
6. Frank Sinatra (12%)
7. Michael Bublé (11%)
8. R. Kelly (11%)
9. Bruno Mars (9%)
10. Rihanna (9%)

These next 10 artists, however, apparently will kill the mood faster than lightning (sorry Yeezy and Biebs)…

1. Kanye West
2. Justin Bieber
3. 50 Cent
4. Eminem
5. Jay Z
​6. Iggy Azalea
7. Lady Gaga
​8. McFly
9. Skepta
10. System of a Down

So there you have it. The next time you’re looking for a little lovin’ it might be time to hit up your old friend Marvin Gaye so he can help you to “get it on.”



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