‘Under Pressure’ Without The Music Is Here To Crush All You Diehard Queen And David Bowie Fans

by 2 years ago

Mario Wienerroither has carved out a niche for himself on Youtube by putting together music-less music videos. They’re intended to be a funny look at what some of our favorite/classic songs sound like when the instruments are removed and we’re left with nothing but the vocals. For this clip, Mario’s removed all of the instrumentals from a remix of ‘Under Pressure’ which features Queen and David Bowie singing it.

Sure, he’s added a few funny sound effects to spruce the song up a bit but it’s still hilarious to see David Bowie and Freddie Mercury performing this song together without any instrumentals to back them up. Now, if you’re a diehard Bowie/Queen fan this song might’ve left a bad tasted in your mouth. In that case, you can check out the original performance below and get the music-less ‘Under Pressure’ out of your head (h/t TastefullyOffensive):

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