Concert Review: Zak Downtown and Bramzwig Play the Highline Ballroom

by 8 years ago


Although each artist has a different style, approach, and future goals, they all share a common passion: music, and contributing to music as much as they can. Sam Lachow, who started rapping in 3rd grade, is not only a rapper but also produces, song writes, and directs and edits video. “I love how it is right now, a slow gradual build,” he said. “I want my fan base to grow with me, want them to watch me grow just as a rapper but also as a producer and video director.” A saxophonist and a breathtaking female/singer rapper were among those sharing the stage with Sam, evidence the diversity of his musical style within hip hop. (Sam’s singer, dressed in several inch platform shoes, is insanely talented, by the way – she started singing  casually in the noisy backstage area and everyone immediately fell silent to listen).

Pat SoLo, the lead-off act for the night, set the tone of the evening in a big way, displaying both high energy and making it known that this isn’t just any group of hip hop artists. SoLo, who isn’t shy about his dreams to one day become one of the names in hip hop, also acknowledged that if this dream couldn’t be realized, he’d remain passionate about music and the music industry, working to give friends and colleagues the recognition they deserve.

The night closed out with Bramzwig and Zak Downtown, both New York natives who delivered solid performances. For Bramzwig, music is a way to embody the essence of New York and the ultimate New Yorker, resulting in a product that captures the vibe of today’s New York. Zak Downtown is creating his own blend of New York style, electric vibes, and hip hop. The focus on capturing hip hop in this moment and creating a sound divergent from what’s been done or expected is emblematic of the work these five artists are pursuing successfully: redefining what it means to be a hip hop artist.