Check Out How Ridiculously Jacked Josh Brolin Is Now For His Role Playing Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’

by 10 months ago

If you know anything about Cable, the comic book character that Josh Brolin will be playing in the upcoming Deadpool 2 film, you know that he’s a pretty big dude. What we didn’t realize was just how seriously Brolin was going to take transforming his body into looking so much like Cable.

We’ve already seen a little video of just how ripped Brolin was getting in preparation for the role, but thanks to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld we get to see just how much Brolin, who is 49-years-old, mind you, physically looks like the comic book character now.

Yeah, I think he’s pretty much nailed it. Man, between playing the unstoppable Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool 2 Brolin is turning into one badass, scary mother-effer.

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