This Royal Canadian Air Force Workout Will Get You Jacked In No Time

Royal Canadian Bodyweight Workout

We’ve stated many, many times that fancy equipment isn’t necessary to get a good workout. In fact, you’re better off just using bodyweight instead of dumbbells and barbells.

Guess who else is a firm believer in body weight training. The military. Especially the crew in the great white north. The Royal Canadian Air Force has a workout routine they used for decades, and it’s now available to people who’re a) not in the military and b) not Canadian.

The program is built around the 5BX concept, it stands for “Five Basic Exercises,” and it’s an 11-minute, no-equipment workout program was designed to keep pilots and other Air Force members in top shape when posted to remote areas of the world.

TL;DR – it’s a real ass-kicker.

If videos of extras from Mad Men doing push-ups isn’t your thing, here’s a link to a downloadable manual breaking down the entire exercise regimen.

[via LifeHacker]