10 New Everyday Carry Essentials That Won’t Break The Bank

10 best everyday carry essentials for guys

We live in an interesting world where you can pretty much spend as much money as you want on any given item. If you want to spend a few thousand dollars on a pair of shoes that’s 100% possible and I can point you in the direction of countless brands that will happily accept your money. But spending a ton of money on something doesn’t guarantee quality (I’m looking at you, Miami streetwear fashion brands), and you can pick up world-class items at extremely affordable prices. Today’s collection of everyday carry gear is full of apparel and accessories that won’t break the bank but deliver on top-shelf premium quality.

We begin today with a pair of polarized Pacifico Optical Yacht Master Sunglasses which are handmade in Australia. Below that is a unique Deejo Knives pocket knife with a sick blade tattoo. These are some of the most customizable knives on the planet, they are super light, and ideal for everyday carry. They allow you to pick a unique ‘tattoo’ to make the knife your own as well as choosing the blade and handle features. In the center, we see the Bethpage Blackout Tri-Blend Tee from Highly Clutch which is a PERFECT shirt on the week of golf’s second Major Championship. I need this in my life ASAP I know this shirt will sell out so pick it up before it’s gone if you’re interested. Below that shirt we see a pair of Banks Journal Havana Walkshort. These shorts come in two colors, are perfect for Summer 2019 when hitting happy hour, concerts, tailgates, backyard parties, and everything else in between.

Bumping it over to the right-hand column, we begin with the Hydro Flask Hydration Pack 20L which is essential for staying hydrated when hitting the trails or festivals all Summer long. Next to that is the Patagonia Duckbill Cap which comes in Adobe Red or a blue. After that, we see an excellent watch that can be worn every single day, dressy or casual, the Timex Navi Ocean Watch w/ Black Dial. Moving along we’ve got the The Brookie Belt by Whiskey Leatherworks, Craighill Enameled Wilson Keyring, and last today is the Eiger Keychain Flashlight (with a powerful 114 Lumens).

10 best everyday carry essentials for guys

[1] Pacifico Optical Yacht Master Sunglasses [$164]

[2] Deejo Knives with Customizable Tattoo [$70]

[3] Bethpage Blackout Tri-Blend Tee [$27]

[4] Banks Journal Havana Walkshort [$55]

[5] Hydro Flask Hydration Pack 20L [$200]

[6] Patagonia Duckbill Cap in Adobe Red [$29]

[7] Timex Navi Ocean Watch w/ Black Dial [$155]

[8] The Brookie Belt by Whiskey Leatherworks [$139]

[9] Craighill Enameled Wilson Keyring [$18]

[10] Eiger Keychain Flashlight (114 Lumens) [$49]

10 best everyday carry essentials for guys

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