10 Things We Want This Week, Headlined by the Quadski

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10. Navy-Strength Bathtub Gin, $68

I'm not entirely sure what this is. It kind of frightens me. It's almost like they're doing everything in their power to make me not want what they're selling, and to make me feel like I can't handle the alcohol. This all, conversely, makes me want it more. Damn you, Reverse Psychology! You devilish marketers.

What do we know about it so far? From Cool Material:

What makes this stuff different from the Beefeater on the shelf of your liquor store? Well for one, it’s damn strong. Following the rules for Navy-Strength, this bathtub gin clocks in at 57% ABV. Also, because of the modified bathtub style, you get more flavor from the juniper, cloves and other ingredients involved in making it. We also happen to dig the old crinkled brown paper packaging.


This shit should put some hair on your chest.

9. Beats Pill, $199

The Pill is Beats Electronics' first foray into wireless speakers. It promises to produce a full sound with the heavy bass that's made the Beats famous, and it contains an internal microphone capable of allowing easy conference calls. And while the price may seem high, it's actually much, much lower than most Bose systems. Plus it looks pretty sweet.

8. Moonrise Kingdom, $19.99

I wanted to hate this movie—it seemed to be Wes Anderson overload, and I'm tired of all the same “cutesy” touches and quirky dialogue that has made up his canon.

But “Moonrise Kingdom” turned out to be his best film since “Rushmore.” The story is solid, Bill Murray is great, and it grabs you from the very beginning. Definitely worth a watch.

7. Jersey Chairs, $995

While the price point ensures you should take advantage of this service for only favorite your absolute favorite player (and not as an ironic new use for that Detlef Schrempf Champion jersey), Jersey Chairs is definitely one of the cooler ideas for home decor that we've seen in a while. You send in your favorite old jersey, and they turn it into a badass chair—as simple as that. The company also promises to make the chairs among the most comfortable you'll own. Even more comfortable than Tim Thomas between the pipes.

6. Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium QS 3M, $130

Taking the look of the Nike 3M as its starting point, the Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium QS 3M (catchy name) offers in its package a nice metallic Swoosh, a clear sole, and a sweet brown finish. HypeBeast commentators are comparing them to the old Pharrell Dunks, which were dope as shit. Good comparison.

5. Dishonored, $59.99

The plot is more than a little ridiculous. However, the gameplay, which calls to mind a steampunk Splinter Cell, is supposedly out-of-this-world cool. One of the must-have games of the fall.

4. Hammock Bed, Price Upon Request

Beds conjure up early mornings, alarm clocks, boring nights in. Maybe vanilla, missionary-style sex if you're lucky. Hammocks, though… Hammocks are beachside sleeping, Jimmy Buffett, margarita-induced naps. Maybe wild romps with an island girl. Long story short, you'd much rather sleep in a hammock every night. I know I kind of do right now.

The Koala 45 is a tall hammock bed designed to sleep eight people. It features straps pulled tight, which is supposed to give you the feeling that you're hovering in the air. Unfortunately, you have to contact the designers of the bed here to find out if you're eligible to purchase it.

3. Duo Pinball, $59.95

We have a pinball problem in this country. Arcades no longer really exist—and who, really, wants to pony up 2 grand for a vintage pinball machine? Enter this iPad dock. It promises to offer “unbelievably real” play, with built-in flipper buttons and a spring-loaded plunger, plus it even comes with a tilt detector. Not a bad price point either.

2. Slingbox 500, $300

With fewer and fewer people watching live TV nowadays, this may be the last Slingbox made. However, I think it's a solid purchase for any guy in the 18-25 demo. Why?

Say you're at a college with its limited cable options, or out on your own for the first time with limited funds to spring for Time Warner. The Slingbox will allow you to hop on your parents' (or a friend's) cable box and pick up live-streaming options without having to pay a monthly cable charge. And, if you miss catching every one of your hometown team's games, the Slingbox will be there for your John Sterling or Jerry Remy fix. Plus, the HD details of the new edition are sweet. From Wired:

Arguably, these features should have bowed years ago, but better late than never. After installing the Slingbox between my TiVo Premiere and my TV and running through a quick remote-powered setup, I found myself slinging both live and recorded shows to my laptop, iPad, and iPhone 4S. The picture and sound quality were consistently superb, regardless of whether my mobile device was connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network. But paying $15 per iOS SlingPlayer app (it’s not universal) left a rotten taste in my mouth.

A forthcoming update will let you access media stored on a USB drive, which can plug into the Slingbox’s backside, and stream photos and videos from your Android or iOS device to your TV. While that adds some much-needed value to the proposition, you can already accomplish the latter with a much cheaper Apple TV or Roku.


Of course, if you aren't in the situation I just described (or you aren't a world-traveling businessman), I'm not totally sure what the point of this contraption is anymore.

1. Quadski, $40,000

While it's not released until next month, my boner for the Quadski is very right-now. A combination ATV/jetski that can hit speeds of 45 miles per hour on the water and on land, this seriously badass craft seems like it's straight out of a James Bond flick. And, in fact, that's where the inspiration for it came from.

Look at how smoothly it comes out of the water and onto land:

And read some of the details of the craft:

According to the company, no other amphibious vehicle available to the public can go faster than 10 mph on the water.

The Quadski, powered by a 175 hp BMW engine, can reach speeds of 45 mph on both land and water.

Gibbs Sports Amphibians spent about $200 million to develop the product, and the company claims that 2-million man hours went into creating the vehicle. The plan is to produce 1,000 vehicles to start — interest is already high.


And now tell me you don't at least have a half-chub.

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