10 Tools And Gadgets For Your Home – A Bro’s Gift Guide

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There’s no place like home, especially when you have a ton of cool gadgets and tools around the house. This guide is a resource for you – whether you’re buying them for yourself, telling someone else what you actually want for the holidays, or buying a gift for a bro. We’ve made a collection of ten incredibly useful and appreciated items to have around the house, from innovative gadgets to badass tools.

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Shop from this gift guide and rest assured your purchase if 100% bro-approved.

1. InstruMMents 01 Dimensioning Instrument + Pen

instrumments 01

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If you took all of Bruce Wayne’s gadget weapons and combined them with Harry Potter’s wand, you’d have the InstruMMents 01. This magical little pen rolls to capture the dimensions of ANY object, then logs the data to your phone where you can reference, convert, or share from the app.



2. Grace USA Home Care Kit

home care tool kit

Grace USA created this home care kit to fill a void of premium tool sets that cover a broad range of home care needs. From small fixes to full home care projects, this tool set has everything you could need.



3. Sengled Smart Home LED Starter Kit

sengled smart home led kit

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This smart home starter kit from Sengled comes with a hub and 4 A19 LED bulbs, bringing the future of lighting and home control to any house. Thanks to an app or a hub controller, Sengled allows you to control up to 64 bulbs from anywhere.



4. RAK Universal Socket Grip

rak universal socket grip

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This socket wrench adapter gets the job done in pretty much any situation. With an innovative, self adjusting design this universal socket grip should be in every bro’s toolbox.



5. Tacklife Digital Laser Tape Measure

tacklife digital laser tape measure

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Measuring tape is loud, annoying, and now outdated. Step into the future, my friend. This digital tape measure from Tacklife uses digital laser technology to get exact measurements, saving time and nerves when jobs call for exact measurements.



6. Barebones’ Classic Gardener Set

barebones gardener kit

Listen – whether it’s age 35, 55, or 75, all bros fall in love with their yard and its upkeep at somepoint. Don’t ask me how or why but a man’s love for yardwork is inevitable. When the time comes, use the classic and badass tools that men have used for decades to create a yard that they’re proud to call their own.



7. Ring Video Doorbell 2

ring video doorbell

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*ding dong*

Is it the pizza guy, a bible selling group, or a murder? Now you’ll know when to answer the door and who’s at your house, thanks to Ring’s Video Doorbell 2. Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 allows home owners to view the front door from anywhere thanks to an awesome app, giving the ultimate gift: the feeling of more control over a home.



8. Leatherman Wingman Multitool

leatherman wingman multitool

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At home or on the go, a Leatherman multi-tool is incredibly helpful for getting any project or emergency fix handled. With fourteen tools in one, the Wingman is a classic Leatherman and 100% always a bro approved gift.



9. Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

nest thermostat

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When it comes to cool gadgets for the home, a Nest thermostat is second to none. While it looks badass on the wall, it learns the home’s temperature settings and preferences as to automatically adapt. This is some Tony Stark type innovation and now it’s easier than ever to put in any home.



10. Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

lever gear toolcard

[protected-iframe id=”401511457bdd5cf0ed7465858b258836-97886205-48084621″ info=”//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=US” ]


While this multi-tool is designed for on the go by fitting into a wallet, it knocks out a ton of quick fix project at home too. tightening screws, opening beers, taking small measurements, drawing straight lines, and a ton more tasks can be handled by this little guy.





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