12 Things We Want This Week: Shoes, Bourbon Glasses And More! (Badass Gifts For Bros)

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In this week’s ‘Things We Want’ gear guide for bros we’ve got all sorts of awesome goodies, including but not limited to: tactical knives, backpacks, running shoes, mint julep glasses, and a whole lot more. As I try to do each week, this edition of the ‘Things We Want — A Gear Guide For Bros’ covers the entire spectrum of gear for bros who like to get out into the world, get their boots a little dirty, and see what’s happening down by the water.

Also, if you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at Cass @ Brobible dot com. And for those of you looking to have us test out products to be featured here you can contact me via that email for our mailing address.

The Havoc 30 Tactical Backpack From 5.11





Listen to me very carefully bros: the Havoc 30 Tactical Backpack from 5.11 is going to be the last backpack you ever purchase, because this best-on-the-market bag is second to none, and it’ll hold up over time. The specs and features of this amazing tactical backpack from 5.11 are almost too numerous to mention them all, but I’ll do my best:

Made from ultra-durable 500D/1050D nylon, the HAVOC 30 Backpack features waist belt magazine pockets, double AR magazine/water bottle pockets, and admin pockets for good measure. The 1.5” waist strap is 5.11 Zero-G Plate™-compatible, and the hydration pocket is chest plate-compatible, meaning you’ll have unmatched armor and ammo support, all in a sleek, low-profile package. A laser-cut MOLLE platform and padded eyewear pocket add utility. On-duty, at the range, or on day hike, this bag backs you up.

— 500D/1050D nylon
— 1.5” waist strap
— Roomy main storage area
— Waist belt magazine pockets
— Hydration and armor plate pocket
— Admin pockets
— Padded eyewear pocket
— MOLLE platform
— 5.11 Zero-G Plate-compatible
— Overall Dimensions: 21″H x 11.75″L x 9″W
— Approximate Volume: 1680 cubic inches/27.5

I own this backpack, I love this backpack, I want you to believe me when I tell you that you’ll be VERY PLEASED with this purchase if you choose to buy this backpack for yourself.


The Mophie Power Reserve (1x or 2x)





I shit you not, bros, when I travel I make sure to pack my Mophie Power Reserve before I even start packing clothing. This is probably the most useful/handy/portable gadget I own, because any time my phone batter is getting low I can charge it up using my Mophie and the Power Reserve is so compact that it takes up nearly zero space in my pocket. The Mophie Power Reserve 1x will set you back $19.99 (link below), and the 2x will set you back $49.95 (buy it here).


Rukkus — New StubHub Competitor App Offers A Virtual Reality View Of NBA, NHL, and MLB Seats

Rukkus Seat 360 Feature Image no logo


Rukkus Seat 360 VR  Glasses View

The gist is this: Rukkus is a ticketing marketplace (StubHub competitor) that is offering full 360-degree virtual reality panoramic views for every NBA, NHL, and most MLB seats in both America in Canada. So from now on when you’re buying sports (or concert) tickets on the secondary market you can get an actual sense of what it’s like to sit in those seats before making a purchase.

Here are the app features:

–Mobile entry via your smartphone for all the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and large live music venues that support the technology.
–Data persistence which learns user’s search behavior & provides ‘smart’ results
–Ability to easily share and send tickets to your friends within the app.
–Uses Apple’s 3D Touch technology, allowing users the ability to ‘peek’ into specific events and performers, to find the ideal tickets in the most efficient possible manner
–Two-click checkout; for those times when you need to buy tickets as fast as possible but still want to feel secure that your purchase is fully insured by our 100% buyer guarantee.
–Optimized for iPhone 6s/6s+ and iPad
–Functional with Google Cardboard


Godinger Beaded Barware Beaded 4-1/4″ Mint Julep Cup (SILVER)



Mint Juleps are meant to be drank out of silver cups, and if you’re ready to get classy as fuck you can pick up a set for yourself. Or just buy one and drink out of a silver cup like a baller. The Kentucky Derby is next weekend and that means you bros should be drinking mint juleps, it also means that you should check out my guide to this year’s Kentucky Derby: Bro’s Guide To The 2016 Kentucky Derby And Triple Crown Of Horse Racing (What To Wear, Drink, And Watch For)


Mizuno Men’s Synchro MX Running Shoe (Yellow/Black or Red/Black)





You don’t necessarily need your running shoes to be stylish, but that doesn’t mean you should just go for any old shoe off the rack. The Mizuno Synchro MX running shoe for men is one of the hottest shoes on the market, and as I’ve recently gotten back into jogging I’ve actually taken these bright yellow/black shoes for a spin myself.

Having only recently gotten back into jogging I expected to be sore all over after my first run in the new shoes but I can say that these offer support in all the right places, and are one of the most comfortable pairs of running shoes I’ve ever put my feet in.

Launched back in January, here are the new key features in Mizuno’s latest running shoe:

— New design from Mizuno provides soft cushioning for a more comfortable run
— Top piece of the midsole works as a stable platform to prevent the foot from sinking, while the bottom piece provides heel-to-toe responsiveness
— The unique design gives runners a more comfortable underfoot feel
— Durable, breatheable mesh adds another dimension of versatility
— Ramp: 12 mm


The Joey — Ultimate Every Day Carry Jacket


The Joey


The Joey

This incredible jacket’s name, The Joey, pays homage to the kangaroo and it’s ability to carry around things in the hidden pouch. If you bros read this ‘Things We Want’ feature every week then you know I stay clear of KickStarters whenever I can, but this is one I simply had to share with you all because this jacket is a cut above the rest.

The Joey has already surpassed its goal on KickStarter so it’s 100% going into production, I know this because they sent me a sample to test out this week and it’s been a game changer for me. Pockets galore, literally there’s room for anything and everything I’d ever want to carry.

If you’re interested in buying The Joey for yourself you should follow that link below and head on over to KickStarter. There’s only 12 days left in this campaign so you need to ACT NOW if you want to own a Joey for yourself!


Nomad Pod Portable Apple Watch Battery Pack ($33.95)



The Nomad Pod does away with the usual tangles of Apple Watch charging cables. It’s round and compact; so once it’s done its job, you can toss it in your bag. Plus not only does it charge your Apple Watch, but it also juices up your iPhone/iPad & Apple Watch simultaneously. Store your charging cable inside, and put your watch on the pedestal it deserves.

— Charges your iPhone or iPad & Apple Watch simultaneously
— Powers up your Apple Watch via your Apple Watch charger
— Powers up w/ included micro-USB cord
— Indicates how much power is in the Pod w/ 3 LED lights
— Hides your Apple Watch charging cable (not included)
— Easily aligns w/ a tight grip when closed


BOBINE BLACKOUT Flexible iPhone Charging Dock ($29.99)


Fuse Chicken

Get the safety of hands-free driving plus the convenience of easy phone access everywhere with the BOBINE BLACKOUT Everywhere Mount. This hardy cable is like a relic of the classic pay-phone, so you know it has staying power no matter what position you put it in. The newest model of this best-selling gadget, the BLACKOUT includes an all new USB mount, the original AUTO mount, and an extender cable.

— Flexible so you can customize your phone’s position
— Able to mount directly from the wall charger
— Designed w/ a sleek black protective finish
— Apple-approved, MFi-certified for error-free charging
— Mounts for hands-free calls, GPS map access & audio streaming
— Shapes into any design
— Plugs into any USB port, home or on the road


Firefly: World’s Smallest Bluetooth Music Receiver ($34.99)


Tunai Creative


Tunai Creative

Never worry about your device’s Bluetooth status again. This cord upgrades your current home or car audio system to Bluetooth so you can connect your smartphone or tablet, and stream high-quality sound without buying an entirely new system. It’s the smallest receiver in the world and uses advanced audio compression technology to guarantee smooth, authentic sound anywhere, anytime.

— Transforms audio systems into Bluetooth compatible speakers
— Preserves authentic sound quality w/ high-quality audio compression technology
— Allows multiple device connections so everyone can play DJ
— Stores up to 8 paired devices


The Under Armour HealthBox

150828 ConnectedFitness_RL_1196


UA Band2_Red


Under Armour just dove head first into the deep end of high-tech wearables by releasing the new ‘HealthBox’ suite of smart devices. UA takes health, fitness, and performance as seriously as anyone in the world and they’ve proven that with their new HealthBox suite of products. Check it:

For people at all fitness levels, the HealthBox suite of devices seamlessly connect to UA Record, the definitive health and fitness platform, making easier than ever for moms to get the most from their diet and exercise routine. Gemini 2 Record Equipped sneakers track and store data including time and date, duration, distance, and splits. They also allow the runner to run device-free (perfect for busy moms who might have forgotten to charge their fitness band or phone the night before an AM run.)

Want to learn more or make a purchase? You can follow the link below and head on over to Under Armour’s website!


Well bros, that concludes another week of ‘Things We Want’. You can click here for the most recent editions of ‘Things We Want‘ if you’re looking for more gear-related content!

And if you see anything above you think you need in your life don’t hesitate to click on through and purchase.

For any of you entrepreneurs or PR folks out there who want to see your product or items featured in the ‘Things We Want This Week’ roundup you can email me at cass@brobible.com, or find me on Twitter HERE, or reach out at that email or Twitter for a mailing address.

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