12 Things We Want This Week: Shoes, Bourbon Glasses And More! (Badass Gifts For Bros)

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In this week’s ‘Things We Want’ gear guide for bros we’ve got all sorts of awesome goodies, including but not limited to: tactical knives, backpacks, running shoes, mint julep glasses, and a whole lot more. As I try to do each week, this edition of the ‘Things We Want — A Gear Guide For Bros’ covers the entire spectrum of gear for bros who like to get out into the world, get their boots a little dirty, and see what’s happening down by the water.

Also, if you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at Cass @ Brobible dot com. And for those of you looking to have us test out products to be featured here you can contact me via that email for our mailing address.

The Havoc 30 Tactical Backpack From 5.11





Listen to me very carefully bros: the Havoc 30 Tactical Backpack from 5.11 is going to be the last backpack you ever purchase, because this best-on-the-market bag is second to none, and it’ll hold up over time. The specs and features of this amazing tactical backpack from 5.11 are almost too numerous to mention them all, but I’ll do my best:

Made from ultra-durable 500D/1050D nylon, the HAVOC 30 Backpack features waist belt magazine pockets, double AR magazine/water bottle pockets, and admin pockets for good measure. The 1.5” waist strap is 5.11 Zero-G Plate™-compatible, and the hydration pocket is chest plate-compatible, meaning you’ll have unmatched armor and ammo support, all in a sleek, low-profile package. A laser-cut MOLLE platform and padded eyewear pocket add utility. On-duty, at the range, or on day hike, this bag backs you up.

— 500D/1050D nylon
— 1.5” waist strap
— Roomy main storage area
— Waist belt magazine pockets
— Hydration and armor plate pocket
— Admin pockets
— Padded eyewear pocket
— MOLLE platform
— 5.11 Zero-G Plate-compatible
— Overall Dimensions: 21″H x 11.75″L x 9″W
— Approximate Volume: 1680 cubic inches/27.5

I own this backpack, I love this backpack, I want you to believe me when I tell you that you’ll be VERY PLEASED with this purchase if you choose to buy this backpack for yourself.


The Mophie Power Reserve (1x or 2x)





I shit you not, bros, when I travel I make sure to pack my Mophie Power Reserve before I even start packing clothing. This is probably the most useful/handy/portable gadget I own, because any time my phone batter is getting low I can charge it up using my Mophie and the Power Reserve is so compact that it takes up nearly zero space in my pocket. The Mophie Power Reserve 1x will set you back $19.99 (link below), and the 2x will set you back $49.95 (buy it here).


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