12 Things We Want’ This Week: Golf Clubs, Personal Helicopters, 27-Year-Old Scotch, And More

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It’s time for the weekly ‘Things We Want’ round up of the best gear for men on the Internet. It’s a collection of the hottest gear I’ve come across this week. Ranging from items I desperately want in my life to things I’ll never be able to afford, I try and include a cross-section of everything here in the ‘Things We Want‘ roundup. If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com.

Mizuno MP-18 Irons — The Best-Made Irons In The Game Of Golf

things we want

You know what is better than walking into a golf shop to buy a full set of irons off the rack? Getting fitted for a full set of irons to make sure they fit your swing. Well, you know what is better than that? Being able to pick and choose clubs from three sets of irons all that have varying levels of forgiveness and playability. And you know what is even better than that? Being able to do it with the best-made irons in the game, Mizuno.

The Mizuno MP-18 line features three sets of clubs (Muscle Back “MB”, Cavity Back “SC”, and a Multi-Material Construction “MCC”) that can be purchased as full sets, or bought at the individual club level. Since the swing weights and features of all the clubs are identical, this makes having a split set of MP-18s even easier. You just get fitted for the configuration that works for you and you’re off to the races.

And for those who love Hybrid clubs, this line features the super easy to hit MP-18 MCC FLI-HI hybrids, which can be used for your 6-iron through 2-iron.

Buy Here!

Laphroaig 27-Year-Old Scotch — A Limited-Edition Addition To The Laphroaig Family

things we want

I’m a huge fan of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky. I keep two bottles of the Cairdeas stocked in my home bar at all times, and the smokey 10-year single malt is another favorite. The latest, greatest, and rarest addition to the Laphroaig Family is a limited-edition 27-year-old scotch. It carries a burnished gold color, a complex nose of toasted macadamia nuts and tropical fruit flan, and has a smoke-filled palate with a distinct sea salt and mild chili. At $750 a bottle, this is truly an exquisite bottle of scotch. You can find more details about this below on Laphroaig’s website.

Get It NO: $750

(THROWBACK) PhD Slopestyle Light: VANS Tube Sock by Smartwool

things we want

Are you looking for some extra fresh throwback-style socks to get you through Fall and Winter? The PhD Slopestyle Light socks are a collaboration between VANS and Smartwool. They pay homage to the high socks of yesteryear. Perfect for skating, snowboarding, or wearing around town. I’m not saying these are the freshest socks of 2017 but I’m not not saying that.

Get It NOW: $24.95

See-Through Lock Pick Set Lets You See What You’re Doing While Practicing

things we want

I don’t know how to pick locks, but it’s something I’ve always been somewhat interested. I came across this see-through lock pick set earlier in the week and knew I had to order it for myself. It comes with three transparent locks, the most popular lock types around. This way when you’re practicing picking the locks you can see what you’re doing and become more familiar with the ins and outs of a lock. It’s only $24, and a perfect gift to yourself.

Get It NOW4

The CHAPTER x SALOMON Knife by The James Brand

things we want

Collectors and people in the know are well aware of how exquisite knives from The James Brand are. The CHAPTER x SALOMON folding pocket knife is their latest and greatest. This is a limited-edition collaboration. The knife features a drop point blade with a hand-rubbed satin finish made out of D2 steel so it will stay sharp and pristine for a lifetime. The outer layer of the knife is made from Orange Anodized Aluminum & 6AL 4V Titanium. This is a high-tech tool that’s made to look like a work of art.

Get It NOW: $275

The Composite FX Single Seat Helicopter

things we want

Do you have a large sum of money burning a hole in your pocket and you don’t know what to spend it on? Check out this awesome single-seat helicopter from Composite FX. ONce you earn your pilot’s license the world will be your oyster.

Get It NOW!

Twisty Glass Blunt Mini

things we want

The Twisty Glass Blunt is the most popular pipe on the Internet. The Twisty Glass Blunt Mini is just $24 on Amazon, and it’s the follow-up to the original product. This is pocket-sized and perfect for on-the-go smoking.

Get It NOW

Real Wood Coasters For Men

wood coasters funny

If you have nice tables and you respect wood, you need a solid set of coasters. If you’re going to have coasters out then you might as well get to the point. The point being: don’t fuck up the table.

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Aweome Fire Pit To Stay Toasty In The Backyard All Winter

hex fire pit

Uniflame’s Endless Summer Hex Outdoor Fire Bowl is a best seller on Amazon because it’s a great looking piece that’s top quality. The unique hex shaped design makes it perfect for gathering around with friends and enjoying a cold one. Plus, the oil rubber bronze finish is beautiful before, during, and after the fire.

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Play Darts With Friends All Over The World With The World’s Smartest Dartboard

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Love darts, but don’t love going down to the local watering hole every night to play with others? Darts Connect is the ultimate online dartboard, allowing you to play fair and competitive darts matches with the best players worldwide—from the comfort of your home. Darts Connect links to your smart device via WiFi seamlessly and offers an amazing collection of game modes that will provide hours of fun for players of all levels.

Get It NOW:

ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod

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Capture awesome photo and video anywhere with your smartphone thanks to the ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod. It’s easy to set up anywhere; on the couch, on your dashboard, or even on uneven surfaces like rocks out in nature. The flexible legs also allow you to wrap the mount around a streetlamp or tree to get even more dynamic shots!

Get It NOW: $19.99 (42% Off)

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet

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Often find yourself in need of a power outlet on the go? The ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet has you covered. With a massive 27,000mAh battery capacity, it’s the last battery pack you’ll ever need. Compatible with any USB device, this small battery can power up to three devices at once, giving you your very own personal outlet when there aren’t any to be found.

Get It NOW: $279

Dash 4.0 RFID-Blocking Wallet

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Slip your cards and cash into the Dash 4.0, and keep the bulk to a minimum. With three utility compartments, room for up to 15 cards, and RFID technology to protect your credit card data, this deceptively slim wallet is packed to the brim with features.

Get It NOW: $19.99 (16% off)

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