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In this week’s gear guide for bros we see everything from luxurious villas in Mexico’s Riviera Maya to folding pocket knives to booze accessories, and everything in between. This week’s ‘Things We Want, Gear Guide For Bros’ truly covers the complete spectrum of everything a bro might want (and need) in his life. We’ve got a little something for every bro.

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The Greatest House In All Of Mexico Can Be Yours For Vacation, Bros: Casa Mariposa



Guys, seriously read what I have to say about because it’s rare that I ever write about something as earnestly and with such enthusiasm as I will about this right here. As some of you might have noticed from the BroBible Instagram or my blog posts yesterday, last week I was in Mexico to see the band Phish play 3 concerts in the Mayan Riviera. After leaving the Barcelo resort where Phish played me and 3 friends popped on over to Puerto Aventuras, where a lifelong friend of mine is living as an expat and renting out the nicest houses and condos I’ve ever seen in Mexico…also, the bars down there are glorious and pour drinks that are stiff as fuuuuck.

This was actually my 4th time staying down in that part of Mexico, but holy hell was my mind blown by how nice it’s gotten, and how goddamn fun it is. Seriously, check out these pics of Casa Mariposa, which you can rent whenever you want…like CLICK THIS LINK (then check out Casa Mariposa) and you can rent it for Spring Break 2016 and have the best goddamn spring break of your life (I spent Spring Break 2005 down there, it was glorious):







Here’s the marina we went fishing out of in Puerto Aventuras:



Here’s the fish we caught and how we brought it to one of the restaurants on the marina and they cooked it up for us for dirt cheap…and then gave us tequila shots on the house:

I’m talking like DREAM VACATION here, bros. But you can afford it if you get a crew together to rent the house….and if you don’t get a crew together you can still afford it because there are 1 bedroom options, and you don’t have to rent that big ass house…in fact there are 18 rental options from my girl Melodie over at, and I’ll stake my reputation on the fact that if you follow that link and book one of those spots you’ll have one of the best vacations of your life, guaranteed.

Like I said before, I rarely talk about things with such enthusiasm but this was one hell of a trip, and I want you bros to experience it. So click on over by following the link below and see what’s available. Talk to your significant others, your bros, your family or whoever…Just get your ass down there and catch some mahi, some white marlin, some wahoo and sailfish (it’s one of the top sailfish fishing destinations in the world)…drink some tequila, eat some fresh tacos, check out the cenotes (freshwater springs in the middle of the jungle) and have a unique experience. You won’t regret it.


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