The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF – Win Chance At Cash Prizes With This 500-Piece Puzzle

2 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF

The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the puzzle enthusiast in your life, maybe you should tap into his curiosity with a one-of-a-kind puzzle. Puzzles have been around for millennia. They tap into our natural curiosity about the world around us and satisfy that itch for creative problem-solving. This puzzle from MSCHF is not only a challenging puzzle, but also a shot at being a millionaire.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle from MSCHF is no simple rainy day activity. This potentially life-changing game is a puzzle and lottery ticket in 500 pieces. Right now, you can take home a chance to win $1 million for only $19.99. Or, take some home for you and more: 1-pack is $19.99, 2-pack is $39.99 and 4-pack is $79.99.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle might be a bit more challenging than a scratch-off ticket, but it’s far more rewarding. If completing a puzzle hasn’t felt satisfying enough for you before, how about earning real cash prizes every time. Each 500-piece puzzle solves as a QR code (creating a cool pattern with beautiful coloring). Once you’ve put together your puzzle take a step back and scan the code with your smartphone. Go to the site and enter the unique code that comes with your puzzle and voila.

You’ll instantly find out how much you’ve won. Every puzzle will win you at least $1, and every puzzle has a chance at winning $1 million. However, only two of the puzzles out of many will actually win $1 million.

From the makers of the 1 Million Dollar puzzle comes the most high-stakes jigsaw you’ve ever played. Whether you’re looking to up the ante for your next rainy day, or pick up a fun (and potentially life-changing) game for Father’s Day (or for yourself), the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is the perfect gift.


The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle – $30

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