This Tactical Survival Knife Is The Ultimate Badass Survival Knife For Riding Out The Zombie Apocalypse

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, you probably want a badass blade to sling to your side in the event shit goes down. A new Every Day Carry blade going viral over on Kickstarter promises to be your trusty sidekick in such an (unlucky) apocalyptic event: The 4Ever Knife. The 10-inch long knife (5.5-inch blade) promises to be the ultimate badass survival knife for outdoorsmen, crafted in the USA from 3/16” 440c stainless steel or Damascus steel.

The 4Ever Knife is perfectly cut using the water jet process at a local company. From here the 4Ever Knife moves to the heat treating process resulting in a super strong blade. Once the heat treating process is complete the blade profile is then ground into the metal giving the 4Ever Knife its sexy lines. Finishing out the process, the 4Ever Knife is then stonewashed, final sharpened, and hand assembled. The end result is a badass USA made survival knife that you can rely on.

It cuts. It chops. It also has a hidden survival gear compartment stashed in the handle that includes the following for an emergency outdoor situation:

– 1/8” X 2” Firesteel
– Ceramic Firesteel Striker, Throws More Sparks
– 2 F.A.T. Packs (First Aid Tinder) Use for Wounds or Start Fires
– 2 Fishing Hooks (Fishing)
– 20ft of 50lb Test line (Fishing, Snares, Gear Repair, Emergent Stitches)
– Magnetized Needle (Navigation, Gear Repair, Stitches)
– Katadyn Water Purification Tablet (Purify water anywhere)

Go support the project for yourself over on Kickstarter… 



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