Upgrade Your Everyday Carry Collection With One Of These 5 Great Keychains For Men

best everyday carry keychains for men

A small and discrete but useful and trusted keychain is one of the most underrated everyday carry accessories I can think of. We all drive. Most of us drive every day. And the ones who don’t drive every day (city commuters) still carry a bunch of keys for their houses/apartments, lockers, etc

Having a bulky keychain can nuke your pocket space. Ideally, you want something that takes up as little space as possible while adding some value. Here we see five (mostly) bare bones keychains for men that will be an excellent addition to your everyday carry collection. Starting at the top left, we’ve got the Craighill Closed Helix Keyring which sells for $30. It features a simple construction from ⅛” thick stainless steel wire so it will remain extra durable and won’t take up unnecessary pocket space. This one is made in America (Ohio, Illinois, and Brooklyn).

Second is the Tom Beckbe Leather Loop Keychain which is also handmade right here in the USA. This model sells for $30 and boasts a handsome minimalist design that will develope a nice patina over time. On the top right, we see the Scout Leather Co. Keychain Tether Fob which boasts solid brass hardware. This keychain’s also made in the USA.

On the bottom row, we kick it off with the Studebaker Workshop Keyholder which is made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has beltloop finish so you can toss it on your belt or in your pocket (or hang it on a nail). This is as minimalist of design as anything you’ll see and it’s hand forged from American brass. Last on the list is the Wazoo Survival Gear Survival Pod which is equal parts survival tool and keychain. It is made with heavy duty type III commercial 550 paracord. The keychain goes in your pocket or you can latch it onto your backpack.

best everyday carry keychains for men

[1] Craighill Closed Helix Keyring [$30]

[2] Tom Beckbe Leather Loop Keychain [$30]

[3] Scout Leather Co. Keychain Tether Fob [$30]

[4] Studebaker Workshop Keyholder [$58]

[5] Wazoo Survival Gear Survival Pod [$16]

best everyday carry keychains for men

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