5 Reasons Why Polarized Sunglasses Rule

by 8 years ago

That's why you need polarized sunglasses—just like these sick Vermilion Tortoise “Yachtseas” from Scottie Hampton Sunglasses.” If that photo alone doesn't sell you, here's five more reasons why it pays to go polarized.

1. You can see the fish in the water

When you're out yachting the high seas, the glare from the sun hits the water in a way that it's impossible to see what's underneath the surface. Polarized sunglasses are different. You can actually see below the surface, and you can see where the fish are going. That's why more fisherman use polarized shades.

2. They stop glare headaches

If you're out on the water all day wearing conventional sunglasses, pretty soon staring at the water will start to feel like staring at the sun. Polarized sunglasses block the light reflected on the surface, causing those glare headaches to go away.

3. They're better for your eyes

The harmful effects of UV rays are minimized by polarized shades. And the overall eye strain that comes with a bright sun and normal shades is similarly minimized when you put on a pair of polarized glasses. 

4. You shouldn't be caught on a boat without one

The style now is polarized—especially if you're on a lake or on the ocean. Don't be “that” guy without them.

5. They just look better

Polarized lenses give you more variety in your lens color than you get from a normal pair of shades. And more variety=a better match for you.

Go check out our friends at Scottie Hampton to see which pair of polarized sunglasses are for you.

Caution: Scottie Hampton's are known to snap necks and come with a heavy dose of attention.

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