This $75 Million Lake Tahoe Mansion Has 13 Fireplaces…Who Needs That Many Fireplaces?!?

Lake Taho

iStockphoto / Chris Demonbreun Photography

There are some pretty outrageous homes on Lake Tahoe but I’m not sure any of them top this $75 million mansion with 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and 13 fireplaces which seems like extreme overkill in the fireplace department if you ask me.

I suppose I shouldn’t be asking why anyone would ever need 13 fireplaces. If you have enough rooms to accommodate 13 fireplaces and enough money to build those fireplaces the BY ALL MEANS you should be allowed to chop down a minor forest to keep those fireplaces light because you’ve (probably) done something right in life to get to where you’re at.

This is easily one of the most opulent West Coast estates I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be shocked to see this in The Hamptons but on Lake Tahoe?! The location makes it that much more impressive.

Can you think of any other home in America that has two funicular trams? Also, what the hell do you do if one of your trams breaks? Is there a local tram guy you can call to fix your tram? Does someone at the ski resort(s) hook you up with maintenance? Anyway, let’s check out this home I’ve been losing sleep over because it’s so damn nice.

I’ve been trying to showcase more non-celebrity real estate here on BroBible lately to highlight that the best and most expensive houses in America are RARELY owned by someone whose name you’ve heard before. It’s always owned by some family who’s patriarch invented a plastic bag they use in every hospital in America or some shit like that.

I love my house these days. I’ve got a pretty sick setup since living NYC a few years back. My movie theater might be better than theirs but I don’t have a wine cellar and dammit I think I really need a wine cellar in my life. I’m drinking wine while typing this out.

I drink more wine (and whiskey) after 7pm these days than I do water. I know it’s not healthy but these are the facts, and now I need to get my hands on a wine cellar like this outrageous one.

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