Perfect Your Videography Skills With This 8-Course Videography Bootcamp (97% Off)

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Whether you’d like to launch a professional-quality YouTube channel or just want to shoot better videos for Instagram, Facebook, or Work, the 8-course Videography Bootcamp Bundle is just what the doctor ordered. This is 33.5+ hours of professional instruction on how to shoot professional videos, and this bundle’s 97% off right now. Here’s an overview of what each course will look like:

1) Complete Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Course: Be a Pro! — Master the Video Editing Program Preferred By Industry Professionals
If you’re watching a well-edited, polished video, it was likely made with Adobe Premiere Pro. The go-to video editing application for creative professionals, Premiere is an indispensable part of any videographer’s toolbox. You’ll learn how to edit audio, add transitions, and more, tapping into Premiere’s rich array of tools to turn out polished videos certain to impress.

2) DSLR Video Production – Start Shooting Better Video Today — Learn to Create Amazing Videos Right on Your DSLR
Who says you need pricey equipment to craft amazing videos? Tap into the potential of your DSLR as a video recording dynamo with this in-depth course. You’ll start with the basics of navigating your camera settings, then learn to set up great shot composition, accrue the right equipment, effectively light your shots, and much more.

3) Cinematography Masterclass: Start Shooting Better Video Now — Create Stunning Shots No Matter Your Film Equipment of Choice
If you want to shoot great films, or any video footage for that matter, crafting well-executed cinematography is a must. Learn everything from selecting the right equipment to effectively lighting your shots, master cinematography in no time, and capture amazing video no matter the device by course’s end.

4) Introduction to Camtasia, Final Cut Pro X & Wirecast for Live Streaming — Make & Share Online Video: Create Video Tutorials, Host Livestreams & More
Whether you’re looking to be a YouTube guru or conducting a seminar via livestream, you should know how to create and upload online video. From setting up your lighting to mastering use of screencasting and recording programs such as Camtasia Studio and Final Cut Pro X, you’ll learn all you need to become an online video pro.

5) Drones: Learn Aerial Photography & Videography Basics — Capture Stunning Aerial Footage Using a Quadcopter
The secret to filming stunning aerial videography? Drones. Capture dynamic footage formerly only possible via helicopter or plane, and more efficiently and inexpensively than you thought possible. You’ll master the essentials of drone-powered videography–ranging from drone flying safety measures to footage editing techniques–and will be ready to turn out polished videos guaranteed to impress viewers by course’s end.

6) Filmmaking Hacks: Secrets to Shoot & Market Your Indie Film — Get a Stellar Film Education By Diving into Case Studies on Award-Winning Flicks
This course will walk you through the entire filmmaking process for three award-winning indie films. From casting to choreography to audio and visual editing, you’ll learn valuable takeaways applicable to your own filmmaking aspirations. Best of all? You’re receiving top-notch film instruction while spending a fraction of the time and money required of a formal film school education.

7) GoPro for Beginners: How to Shoot & Edit Video with a GoPro — Take Your GoPro Video to the Next Level
GoPro cameras may have made it easier than ever for users to shoot action video, but this course will teach you key principles to truly elevate your footage. From shooting on your GoPro’s manual mode to polishing your video in post-production, you’ll become adept at capturing and sharing your adventures hitting the trails, surfing, and more.

8) Complete Green Screen Video Editing For Beginners & Pros — Create Special Effects with Effective Green Screen Editing Techniques
Think of the words “green screen,” and you may envision a complex (and expensive) filmmaking setup. But that’s not necessarily the case. As you’ll quickly learn, green screens are a highly effective way of implementing special effects in smaller scale projects in addition to big-budget productions. You’ll learn the basics of using Adobe Premiere Pro and other popular video editing programs, mastering best practices for creating films with truly impressive visual effects.

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