I Want To Live In This Amazing Glass Treehouse Forever


The older and older I get, the more and more I want to revert back to the things of my childhood: Collecting Jordans, listening to 311, chillin’ with my pals in a treehouse that no structural engineer would ever rule safe.

I’ve been binging hard on Treehouse Masters latelybecause I’m growing more and more obsessed with tiny houses and a life of hermitage and seclusion. This four-story, glass structure surrounding an entire tree isn’t *exactly* a treehouse — it’s more a house for a tree. Still, it’s absolutely sick and I want to wake up there forever.

This comes from the wild imagination of architect Aibek Almasov, who is planning on building this sanctuary in the mountains of his home country, Kazakhstan. Via Fast CoExist:

The house sits about 14 miles outside the city of Almaty, Kazazhstan. There’s no access to city services like electricity, so the architect is planning to use renewable energy sources. A geothermal heat pump will likely provide warmth in winter, and a solar coating on the glass surfaces may provide power. The house will also recycle grey water. Because there’s no direct road access, the owners will have to hike or bike a short distance to reach the home.

Almasov is planning on starting construction next year, according to Fast Co.

I sort of dig the “no privacy” element — If someone wants to watch you shower, parade around in your underwear, or have intimate moments with your lover, screw ’em. It’s your biodome — Do whatever the hell you want.





Check out the entry way:







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