Americans Spend Over $30 Billion While Drunk Shopping And It Is Mostly Men

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Have you gotten drunk and made online purchases that maybe you regretted after-the-fact? Maybe you did some drunk shopping and bought this amazing Nicolas Cage pillowcase.

Or a shower curtain with a cat DJing with a pizza pie in outer space.

Or a golf chipping net for the backyard when you don’t even have a backyard.

Or a motion-activated toilet bowl nightlight.

Or a gangsta rap coloring book.

Or a runny nose shower gel dispenser.

Whatever unusual product you purchased when you were intoxicated, you should know that there are so many other people who also enjoy drunk shopping in the United States. Shopping under the influence is a multi-billion-dollar industry that nearly half of all American adults have admitted to having partaken in.

In 2017, Americans spent an average of $448 per person in drunk purchases, which is nearly double the inebriated purchases they made in 2016. The website Finder estimated that Americans spend $30.43 billion on drunk purchases. The biggest culprits of drunk shopping were men, who spent $564 compared to $282 for women. Of the generations, Gen. X’ers spent the most, averaging a whopping $738 in drunken purchases and millennials only spent $206.

The most-purchased item that drunk shoppers is no surprise — food. While trying to fend off a hangover, 61% of boozy buyers spontaneously bought food. Then comes clothes at 26% and gambling at 25%. So it seems like everyone is drunk shopping these days so don’t worry if you get loaded up on moonshine and purchase a hairy belly fanny pack.

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