These Aviator Sunglasses Will Never Go Out Of Style But The 75% Discount Is Sure To Go Away Soon

by 9 months ago

aviator sunglasses from Luenx

My old man has rocked the same pair of aviator sunglasses for the last 30 years. He picked a pair up during his stint with the National Guard and those shades still look brand new, not just because he keeps them in mint condition, but because there hasn’t been a time when aviator shades weren’t cool as hell.

If you don’t own a pair of pilot’s specs, now is the time to jump on a deal. These aviator sunglasses from Luenx are priced to move and will look good on your face whether you’re lounging by the pool or sitting in rush hour traffic. Each pair of sunglasses boasts UV 400 protection and 100% polarized lenses, providing full protection from the unforgiving sun.

Each pair of sunglasses comes with a protective zip-up case, protective bag, cleaning cloth and free returns if you’re not happy with the product.

These aviator sunglasses from Luenx might last as long as my dad’s pair, but even if they didn’t, you’re only paying $15.


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