Turn Your Boring Backyard Into A Hangout With This $40 Fire Pit

backyard fire pit sale

With the summer days dwindling down it’s natural to want the nights to last forever (or at least until you pass out.) But let’s be honest, your backyard is straight boring. It needs fire. Fire makes EVERYTHING better.

Before you soak a fence in lighter fluid and strike a match, let’s consider a more controlled flame. Check out this Roman fire pit that’s sure to turn your patio into a party zone (or at least a S’more making area)

This unique fire pit features a 35″ diameter high temp antique bronze painted steel fire bowl with hammered lip and brushed painted steel legs. The Roman Fire Pit comes complete with a one piece mesh fire screen with high-temperature paint, ensuring that your flames are kept contained while enjoying the blazing warmth.

The removable grate also makes clean up a breeze and adds elevation for your logs, creating airflow for optimum drafting to your fire.

Best of all, this fire pit is only $40 today and shipping is free if you’re a Prime member. That’s hot.


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