For Under $20, These Stainless Steel Whiskey Bullets Are A Sure Fire Way To Chill Your Drink In Style

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If you’re a big whisk(e)y drinker keen on tasting your spirits as they were intended to be tasted, you know the importance of a great set of stones. Unlike ice, whiskey stones – whether they be metal or actual stone – ensure that your drink of choice is enjoyed perfectly cold, without sacrificing taste changes that occur when ice melts and dilutes your glass.

A.k.a., they make sure your last sip is just as glorious as your first.

Enter possibly the manliest whiskey stones possible: this set of six BarMe Stainless Steel Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones is only $19.97 right now on Amazon, and surely make a great conversation piece, not to mention their highly-reviewed usability.


Fashioned out of 304 stainless steel, these stones won’t rust or corrode, and hold cold temperatures incredibly well, meaning they’ll chill your drink to near freezing in just a matter of minutes.


This highly-rated set includes not just six steel bullet stones, but also a velvet bag for easy storage, and a nice set of tongs for placing the rounds in your respective drink.

At under $20, these things make a great gift for any whiskey connoisseur, especially those members of the armed forces that lay their lives on the line every day protecting our freedom.

Whether you’re shooting your shot, or merely sipping it, these BarMe Stainless Steel Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones are a sure fire way to make sure it’s perfectly chilled every time.

BUY NOW: $19.97

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