The Shower Beer Koozie Will Make Getting Drunk in the Shower Easier

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Whiskey Stones Beverage Cubes, $20

I randomly tried whiskey stones out for the first time this week. Wasn't particularly enthused to try them—I was convinced I'd forget my glass was filled with rocks, try to chew the non-existent ice, and crush my teeth, plus the idea of rocks in whiskey seemed sacrilege.

Long story short, I was (shockingly) wrong. The Stones work really well. They don't dilute the taste of your drink, and if you use them correctly (keeping them in the freezer for the given amount of time and letting the drink sit for five minutes), they do an amazing job of keeping the liquor cold. Just don't try and chew them.

McCallum Surfboards, $1,080

If you're a surfer, these boards are absolutely drool-worthy. Unique, sleek, and hand-crafted in extremely limited quantities (so, scarce), McCallum boards have gained an international rep for being pieces of art—but not in a douchey, “look how 'out-there' my board is” way. More of a badass, “I just dropped this Picasso down and got so pitted,” kind of way, bros.

The price is high, but, fuck, look at these pictures. How badly do you want to be on a beach with one right now?

LED Lenser F1 Flashlight, $57

Waterproof, featuring a temperature sensor, and powered by a CR123 battery, this puppy claims to be one of the brightest and most powerful flashlights you'll ever use. Shine it into your buddy's eyes to make sure. 

Hater App, $Free

Facebook only gives you the opportunity to Like things. Anyone forced to deal with teenagers' baby pictures, Sandy Hook conspiracy videos, and Farmville invitations on the site knows that the lack of a Dislike button is bullshit.

Presenting the Hater app, which “allows you express yourself by sharing what you hate.” “Hate on celebrities, politicians, bad service, too much traffic, classmates, or annoying Facebook friends,” its creators say, adding that you can choose to hate anonymously, or you let the hate wash over you, letting the world know what you think of your ex-girlfriend's duckface picture.

I'll tell you one thing I WON'T hate! This app! (Sorry.) 

Sex Cereal! $13

Does it work? Couldn't tell you. Is the idea stupidly brilliant? Oh yeah.

From the Daily Mail:

A new granola claims to help boost libido in both men and women.

Sex Cereal, which bears the slogan 'fuel your fire', comes in 'him' and 'her' versions.

The ingredients contained in each variety are said to naturally help balance hormone levels and enhance sexual desire.

A combination of bee pollen, black sesame, blueberries and pumpkin seeds promise to help men's performance in the bedroom.

And for the ladies a mix of ginger, sunflower seeds, almonds and flax seeds were found to have the same effect.


Bee pollen. Pumpkin seeds. Black sesame. Sounds absolutely terrible.

The things we do for women.

Drink Tanks, $65

Two years of blood, sweat, and energy have been rolled into research and development to create the most amazing Growler known to mankind,” says the creators of the Drink Tank, a growler that not only keeps its brews inside cold, fresh, and carbonated, it turns into a keg if you want to tap out your beer.

But let's go back. That two-year R&D period needs to be put into perspective. The Manhattan Project, which conceived, designed, and engineered the most powerful weapon of all time (the atomic bomb), took three years. Only one year longer than the creation of a device designed to get you intoxicated in an easier and more refreshing way.

This is the direction our country is heading. God bless America.

Bowers & Wilkins Z2, $399

In the market for a new speaker? Go wireless. The Bowers & Wilkins dock allows you to control and play music wirelessly with your laptop, iPad or iPhone, which means that, yes, it'll look very cool if you're bringing a girl back.

Samsung Galaxy S4, $TBD

The iPhone slayer? Probably not, but check the specs:

  • A powerful engine: A 1.6GHz, 8-core Samsung Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, and running the Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean OS.
  • A brighter, crisper 5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution and 440 pixels-per-inch. This compares favorably to the SIII's 4.8-inch display, 720p resolution, and 306 PPI display.
  • Air View: Use your finger to hover over something you want to see (i.e.: an e-mail, photo, Tweet, etc.) and a preview will pop up. No touching necessary.
  • A 13-megapixel camera, which is perhaps the most head-turning feature of the phone. With the ramped up processing power, you can now use the front and rear cameras at the same time. A Sound and Shot mode will allow you to record audio with a photo, a “Drama Shot” mode will let you capture a movement sequence, and Cinema Mode will basically create animated GIFs for you.
  • Universal remote: Yes, you'll be able to use it to control your TV at home. Bye, bye trips to the Time Warner store when your roommates toss the clicker in a pizza box.
  • Translator: It promises to be incorporated into the phone, and to be better than your run-of-the-mill translator apps.

Shower Beer Buddy, $9.95

The shower beer is one of our most time-honored traditions. It's the ultimate in relaxation. Or it can be the perfect solo pregame.

Consider the above object a welcome development to the tradition—like putting lights on Wrigley. The Beer Buddy suctions onto any flat surface, keeping your beer cold, and safe from the dangers of the slippery soap dish. We might just be looking at a necessity for any bathroom.


This bad boy was the counterpart to the Americans' F4 during the Cold War. It goes Mach 2, has self-start capabilities, and has been kept in remarkable shape by the San Diego Flight Museum. More deets:

For the ultimate in Cold War fun, Airplanes USA is selling this MiG 21; the Soviet Union's rival to the American F4 fighter jet was noted both for having an even stranger nose than Barbra Streisand, and for being able to go Mach 2.0, which is exactly 507.33 times the speed of Streisand. This particular plane was originally flown by the Hungarian Air Force as a trainer — so it's got two seats — before being obtained by the US Navy and used to check out test pilots; eventually it was handed off to the San Diego Flight Museum, where it's been meticulously maintained, and flown by a couple of Astronauts ever since.



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