13 ‘Things We Want’ This Week: Futuristic Security Devices, Pocket Knives, Beer, And More!

things we want

It’s time for the weekly ‘Things We Want’ round up of the best gear for men on the Internet. It’s a collection of the hottest gear I’ve come across this week. Ranging from items I desperately want in my life to things I’ll never be able to afford, I try and include a cross-section of everything here in the ‘Things We Want‘ roundup. I try to include all of the coolest and hottest gear of 2018 but sometimes things slip through the cracks. If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com.


SENS8 All-in-One Wireless Home Security Camera System — A Must Have

things we want

The SENS8 All-in-One wireless home security system should be installed in every home across America, I truly believe this. It is a total game changer when it comes to home security, and there’s nothing more important than keeping your home safe (I know, my house got robbed twice in college).

The SENS8 features a 1080p HD wireless camera with built-in night vision, a 95-decibel alarm and speaker, motion detector, humidity and temperature sensors, an ambient light sensor, and it’s loaded with smart features. If anyone approaches your house and/or tries to break in this camera will let you know. Likewise, if something’s awry on the inside of your home the SENS8 Wireless Home Security System will let you know. I’ll be buying these for everyone in my family throughout 2018 and I highly suggest you buy one today for yourself.



Mealthy ‘MultiPot’ 9-In-1 Pressure Cooker

things we want

The MultiPot 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker from Mealthy is a game changer for guys who live alone. It is a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and steam cooker. You can sauté, make cakes, make rice, pasteurize, slow cook meat, and more. The MultiPot allows you to cook more than one dish a time. With this GENIUS invention you can cook an entire meal faster than ever before. Being a bachelor has never been easier and you owe it to yourself to buy one of these today and start cooking better at home.



Velomacchi Giro Backpack 35L

things we want

Velomacchi makes some of the most durable products on the market. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the brand over the past year and I want you bros to get to know them as well. Above, we see the Giro Backpack 35L that’s built for riding. It is waterproof/watertight, versatile, and built to carry all of your gear as you cruise around town or down the open road on your bike. There’s a built-in side pocket for you computer/tablet and the back panel has a slot for a hydration system. This is ideal of extreme communiting, everyday use, or road trips on your motorcycle. Check it out by following the link below, and be sure to peep the rest of Velomacchi’s gear on their website because you’re going to be blown away by the incredible craftsmanship.

BUY NOW: $179


The All-New Kanaha Blonde Ale From Kona Brewing Co

things we want

The Kanaha Blonde Ale from Kona Brewing Co is the latest and greatest year-round offering from the best brewery in Hawaii. The Kanaha Blonde Ale is a crispy and refreshing beer which packs plenty of flavors. It’s the PERFECT beer for cracking open a cold one on the beach because you can drink this awesome beer in the sun and not be overwhelmed. “Kanaha Blonde ale is a bright, sessionable beer that will ease you ashore without weighing you down. Real mango fruit adds a juicy, tropical flavor that is easy like the islands.”…Sounds pretty dreamy, doesn’t it? Find out where to buy it locally by following that link below!



JUST RELEASED: ‘James x ROAM: the County’ Pocket Knife From The James Brand

things we want

The ‘James x ROAM’ is a very limited-edition pocket knife collaboration from The James Brand and Travis Rice. The James Brand truly makes the finest knives money can buy (in my opinion) and they’re special release knives are always exquisite.

“The first 100 orders will receive a free “Lines to Hawaii” print. Help turn the tide on ocean plastics – ten percent of all profits will be donated to Adventure Scientists’ efforts to reduce microplastics worldwide.”

This knife is only available for purchase through next Monday and it’s going to sell out so be sure to buy one if you’re in the market for a new everyday carry pocket knife.

BUY NOW: $165


The YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair

things we want

YETI announced a ton of Spring 2018 products earlier this week and the one that’s picking up the most press (by far) is the Hondo Base Camp Chair. I plan on featuring all the new Spring 2018 YETI products later today but I wanted to put this chair on your radar first.

Traditionally, camping chairs are flimsy, clunky, and cheaply made. YETI saw the opportunity to build the world’s best camping chair and they’ve seized that. Features include 100% breathable fabric that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. Diehard Joint Construction which makes for a powerfully built chair that won’t break. A double barrel frame and hauler handle. This is truly the Rolls Royce/Bugatti of camping and tailgating chairs.



The ‘Scout Shirt’ from Ball and Buck

things we want

Look good and feel great. That’s a major key in living a happy life. And that’s exactly what you’re going to feel while wearing the Scout Shirt from Ball and Buck (it’s on sale now).

This insanely comfortable shirt is made out of 100% brushed flannel cotton and features Ball and Buck’s Tech-Vent Underarm System to keep you cool. Like all Ball and Buck products this shirt is 100% made in America. The blaze orange accent stitching is a stylish touch to an already awesome flannel. Now, go ahead and treat yourself to an awesome new shirt and thank me later for introducing you to this awesome design!

BUY NOW: $118 (Usually $158)


Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

things we want

If you didn’t catch our ‘Best Beard Balms‘ roundup earlier in the week I highly suggest clicking that link and check them out! Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner is an exquisite beard balm that you’re going to love if you happened to grow that beard out this Winter.



Anker SoundBuds Surge Bluetooth Headphones For The Gym

things we want

Looking for some new headphones for the gym? Check out the Anker SoundBuds Surge. They are lightweight and waterproof. Perfect for the gym. Built-in magnets keep them attached for safekeeping when you’re not wearing them so they don’t get all tangled up.



The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Concept Watch — World’s First Self-Setting Mechanical Watch

Calling all watch-loving bros: the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Concept Watch is the world’s first self-setting mechanical watch and it’s awesome. You can check out a full review over on Hodinkee by following that link below and I highly suggest you do!



Bluetooth Audio Receiver with NFC

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Make your favorite sound system or speaker go totally wireless by plugging into this receiver with NFC! No need to plug your device into the speaker — just use this receiver and if you’re near a Bluetooth-enabled device you’ll be automatically prompted for connection. You’ll get the same quality audio you’re used to, just without the wires. The receiver also has a built-in mic and Play/Pause/Forward controls.

BUY NOW: $24.95


NeuroGum Nootropic ‘Energy Gum’

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NeuroGum™ is the world’s first cold-compressed, nootropic energy gum. Its proprietary blend of natural green tea caffeine + L-Theanine and brain-activating B-vitamins gives you the focus, clarity, and lasting energy to take on the world. Through a patented cold-compressed formulation, this energy gum works five times faster than energy drinks without the unhealthy ingredients or unwanted side effects. You get the focus and energy you need without breaking the bank or compromising your health.

BUY NOW: $14.99


Tonino Lamborghini Herrenuhr Chronograph Wheels Model

things we want

This classic design comes alive as Tonino Lamborghini combines retro wheel design elements in a fine contemporary watch design. The Wheel Series has a Ronda RL5040.D Chronograph Quartz movement along with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal encased in polished stainless steel. The band is leather with a carbon fiber pattern reflecting the carbon fiber inserts in the bezel, and highlighting a fine example of function and Italian design.

BUY NOW: $1,795

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