5 Grilling And BBQ Accessories That Will Upgrade Your Summer Right Now

best grilling accessories right now

It is full-blown grilling season right now and I realized earlier today that I had not put together a quick roundup of grilling and bbq accessories yet this Summer so I wanted to do something for you gentlemen today as we approach the dog days of Summer. You can pick and choose your favorites or scoop them all and toss them in an epic grilling gift basket to yourself.

Each of these items is designed to improve your grilling and cooking experience in some significant way. We start on the top right with Grillight LED Spatula which is a spatula with a built-in flashlight so you can see the grill in the dark without needing a floodlight or a lamp on your head! In the center is the Los Poblanos Salt Set which includes four unique Southwestern salts that will add some flavor and a kick to your grilling experience. An artisan salt is a surefire way to bring your food to the next level.

On the top right, we are looking at the MEATER ‘Block’ Wi-Fi Cooking Solution. The Meater Block comes with 4 probes and 1 handy Block Charger and this is a massive upgrade over its predecessors. The Meater Block is Wi-Fi enabled but also has a standalone mode so you don’t need an Internet connection to cook with it, but if you are hooked up the charging dock has a built-in range extender with a ‘touch capacitive interface and crisp OLED display.’ This, my dudes, is the FUTURE of wireless thermometers and you 100% should check it out.

On the bottom left we’ve got a Deluxe Meat Thawing Board from THAT! Inventions. Thawing meat can be an arduous, smelly, slimy, and overall unpleasant experience without a thawing board. This one thaws your meat in TEN MINUTES without any batteries or cords. It uses an internal thermal liquid that removes the cold from food without compromising the flavor. This is a legitimate game changer. Lastly, we see the Messermeister Oliva Elité 3 Piece Set. I couldn’t throw together a Summer grilling accessories roundup with some badass knives to help you carve up the meat. These German 1.4116 stainless carbon alloy blades are some of the finest knives around and worth every single penny! Let’s check it all out again:

best grilling accessories right now

[1] Grillight LED Spatula [$16]

[2] Los Poblanos Salt Set [$32]

[3] MEATER ‘Block’ Wi-Fi Cooking Solution [$269]

[4] Deluxe Meat Thawing Board [$79]

[5] Messermeister Oliva Elité 3 Piece Set [$319]

best grilling accessories right now

You can shop the full collection by clicking any of the links above or pick out your favorites. Also, you can suggest items you’d like to see here by hitting me up on Twitter at @casspa or email at cass@brobible.com.

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