These Heated T-Shirts Let You Stay Warm Outside With A Touch Of A Button

If you have heated seats in your car, you know just how nice it is to touch a button to warm up when you’re chilled to the bone. POLAR Seal, a wearable technology company, is taking that very concept one step further: Heated t-shirts and long sleeve shirts.

Their latest generation of heated shirts is flexible and machine washable, with three different heating levels with a full charge. All you have to do is hit the button on the bottom left of your shirt and instant warmth when you’re out in the mountains or on the golf course. IE:

How’s it work? The same technology as fighter pilot jackets:

POLAR SEAL leverages a similar technology that is used in fighter jet pilot jackets. Our heating elements consist of a thin layer of conductive metal sandwiched between two sheets of Polyamide. These heating pads are powered by a low voltage 5V circuit. These elements are thin, flexible, durable and breathable.

Go check out the campaign over on Indiegogo, where shirt prices start at $65.





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