This $15 Scale Tracks Body Fat, Muscle Mass And Does Everything Except Slap That Donut Out Of Your Mouth

by 2 years ago


It’s time for your scale to do a little bit more than just toss a number in your face.

The Taylor Bluetooth SmartBody Fat Scale does everything your current scale can’t including..

  • Bluetooth technology transfers user data wirelessly to tablets/iPads or smart phones, IOS and Android products with Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher
  • Utilize the Taylor SMARTRACK app or connect to other well-known health & fitness apps
  • Smart Technology tracks weight, and estimates body fat, body water and muscle mass and transmits data to your phone
    Cal-MaxTM feature calculates maximum calorie intake needed to maintain current weight
  • Goal setting and tracking feature/ Scale Only + Athlete Mode/ Supports up to 8 users/ High capacity up to 400 lb.

The only thing this scale won’t do is slap the bad food out of your mouth BUT it will make you feel even worse about eating donuts and cakes and cakes topped with donuts. It will also give you the real information you want like when you’re actually putting on muscle and when you’re retaining water like it’s your time of the month.

Best of all it’s on sale for $15. A dozen donuts will cost just as much.

Buy It Here: $15

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