This Badass Slim Wallet Is Also A Bottle Opener For Crackin’ Open A Couple Cold Ones With The Boys

by 2 years ago

Every Bro has experienced this scenario: You’re on a pontoon boat and your pal Todd brought a cooler full of icy-cold Coronas. Coronas is the key word here — They’re not twist-offs, like most domestic light beers. Except there’s a problem: No one has a bottle opener or lighter nor is willing to risk losing their teeth opening like a savage. You’d to anything to crack open those tops and pound those delicious, refreshing beers. ANYTHING.

The Bois Wallets is an every day carry solution for this all-too-common Bro scenario. It’s a handsome leather wallet with a rugged aluminum bottle opener attached to the side. You’ll never struggle crackin’ open a couple cold ones with the bois ever again. In addition to the wallet itself, there are six pockets for your credit cards and two big, main pocket for coins, cash “and anything else.” Also, an RFID Blocker, according to the Kickstarter campaign:

“Each genuine leather wallet comes with RFID Blocker to protect you against card skimmers. The stainless steel bottle opener is securely held with an interior magnet that neither demagnetizes nor affects your cards in the slightest.”

Cost is super affordable: Right now a $20 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign gets you the bottle opener wallet, with an estimated delivery in November. After the limited supply of $20 pledges expires, the next tier is $25, which is still 50% off the estimated retail price.

BUY IT NOW: Starting at $20

It’s the brainchild of Philip and Ken, two bros at the University of Michigan who are “n on a mission to make cracking a cold one open with the boys as easy as possible,” according to the Bois Kickstarter campaign. They’re about as certified Bro as it gets:

Not sold? Here’s a tour of the Bois, the perfect item for crackin’ open a couple cold ones with the bois.

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