These Bottle Openers Made Out of Skateboards Are Way Cool

by 7 years ago

The folks at Trendhunter have uncovered something pretty damn cool, and a must for any action sports Bro–bottle openers made from upcycled skateboards

The story goes something like this. People skate. People stop skating, and/or get a new board. A dude named Richer Giasson reclaims boards that would’ve otherwise gone to landfills, and makes them into these dope sauce bottle openers. Legend is that after watching his nephew collect skateboards, he noticed the neck angle and kick tail of the boards were perfect for making bottle openers.

I did some delving, and found out that they’re available on a site called “Designed Good,” which is just the sort of company that needs to exist in this day and age–as per evidence from these sweet bottle openers, Designed Good is a startup of sorts that's all about curating awesome gear, gadgets, clothes, and accessories, all in a way that is socially progressive and/or beneficial to our homie commonly referred to as Los Earth. I’m usually not the one for “dude, check this out,” but solid movements deserve solid recognition, and this is a CLEAR example that just because the economy sucks, you don’t have to.

So yea. There’s cool sh*t, and then there’s cool sh*t that’s also better for everyone. These bottle openers, and the general movement espoused by the great people at Designed Good, epitomize the latter.

[H/T: Trendhunter]

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