Bro on Craigslist is Selling a Guitar that Promises to ‘Melt Everyone’s Face’

by 6 years ago

Yeeeeeah, baby!!! This bad-ass Yamaha Pacifica guitar is so full of motherfucking raaaaawk it will blow the door off your garage before you even plug it into your amp. And it's a lefty. You know who played lefty? Jimi by-god Hendrix, for one. Kurt Cof*ckingbain played lefty, too. Tony Iommi brought the heavy metal thunder on the left. And, Sir Paul McCartney is still kickin' it old-school, new-school and maybe even pre-school becuase he's a f*cking knight, and a Beatle, and he doesn't give a f*ck. So if you play lefty you're already half-way to being a rock god. Now buy this sweet axe off me and finish the other half of your journey to immortality. And the very best part is that it's practically virgin (it still has the thin plastic film on the pick-guard that it came with out of the box!). Why would a beautiful weapon of mass distortion like this be in mint condition, you're probably asking, yeah? Mostly it has to do with me pulling a reverse-Dylan and going from electric to acoustic instead of the other way around. That's the kind of mind-blowing shit you can pull when you're a left-handed musical genius. And you know what else is the best part – apart from all those other amazing parts? I'm selling it for only $125. That's hella low compared to the price of a new one. And it's even more hella low compared to the price of other Yamaha Pacificas being sold on this site. So that means that, after you blaze through your first sell-out show and melt everyone's face with this guit, you can smash the sh*t right out of that sh*t and not feel bad about it. Now throw up the sign-o'-the-devil with both hands and come buy this before someone else does and you have to watch them transform into the legend you could have been.

**I've also got a louder-than-the-voice-of-God Fender Frontman Reverb (PR – 241) 38w amp that I will throw in for only $50 extra if you want. It doesn't actually go to eleven. But it sounds like it does. Check the pic. But it's so wicked awesome that I might just keep it for myself. Yeah, it's that hot. Fair warning, mofoz.

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