BroBible’s Whet Your Whistle Holiday Spirit Guide

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2. Remy Martin 1738 Accord

Sip like a king with this cognac, which was created in honor of the year the royal recognition of excellence was bestowed on Remy Martin by the King of France. What makes this a standout is for once you can actually taste the undertones: fruits, spices, and chocolate. Finish some of this off near the fire on Christmas Eve and wait for the big guy to slip down the chimney.

3. DonQ BlackBeard Rum

What's the best way to honor Blackbeard, the King of Pirates? Clearly with this 86 proof rum distilled right in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It's beyond smooth, with a strong vanilla base topped with caramel and secret spices. It's much like the girls I prefer — spicy.

4. Laphroaig 10 year Single Malt Scotch

A delicious, smokey scotch. It's peaty, and tastes like a smooth campfire in your mouth. If you like your alcohol to leave a strong finish in your mouth, this is the one. It's bold, and is the perfect after-dinner scotch.

5. Red Stag Bourbon

There's nothing more that I like than a nice bourbon. It reminds me of school in the south… and this blend adds just enough black cherry to smooth out any taste. It's not a “kickback” where you can pass the bottle; it's more of a relaxing spirit.

6. ROKK Vodka

You need an affordable vodka in your life, especially as a go-to when all the girls come over. ROKK is surprisingly smooth, because it utilizes a “freeze filtering” process that brings the vodka to sub-zero temps before charcoal filtering the near-frozen vodka. Sounds a lot better than when I used to pour budget vodka through my Brita.

7. Basil Hayden Bourbon

I cannot live without this Bourbon somewhere on my shelf: it's aged eight years in Kentucky hillside rackhouses. It's 80 proof so it doesn't come on too strong, which is usually my game after a few of these. A mellow taste and dry finish: I'm ready for tailgate season again.

8. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

This beer has been in production since 1983 and it defines Holiday brews. There's a strong citrus, pine, and spiced flavor. It reminds me of Canada, killing some beers post–pond hockey.

9. Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout

It's not surprising to find Brooklyn Brewery as a top-pick on beer connoisseurs' lists. To highlight their offerings, check out this chocolate concoction of suds. Best way to capitalize on it? Throw in vanilla ice cream and experience a grown-up float.

10. Hornitos Tequila

What better time of year to go horns up with some tequila? Hornitos, established in 1873, sets itself apart from other 100% blue agave tequilas by creating a spirit that embraces the essence of the blue agave plant. The plata, reposado, and anejo each have unique characteristics and notes that offer a diverse tasting experience. There are few tequilas that come close to the quality for the money.  

11. Spiegelau Beer Connoisseur Kit

Would you rather listen to music on a sick home theatre system or on a radio alarm clock? The answer is obvious. So why would you drink beer out of a cheap pint glass when the appearance, aroma, taste, temperature, and finish of your favorite beers can be cranked up to 11 with Spiegelau’s four types of beer glasses, each designed for specific beers. These especially thin-blown, thin-rimmed glasses lift the perception of mouth feel and taste and support the beer in releasing its full spectrum of flavors, delivering them to your nose and mouth.  

12. Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia

We first covered this special tequila back in March when AZ went to Mexico with Jose Cuervo for the launch of the 2010 batch of its crown jewel, Reserva de la Familia. It’s unlike any tequila you’ve ever had, emphasizing spicy floral and oak aromas and tastes of agave, vanilla, nut, and Cognac-like flavors. The layers of flavor build on each other after each sip, leaving you with an insanely robust tequila experience.

13. Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea

Real brewed tea, cane sugar, and booze. This sweet tea sounds like a southern frat party. The girls love this stuff as much as the guys. You cannot go wrong with this when the weather gets warm.

14. St. Germain Elderberry Liqueur

It's the holidays — it's O.K. to have a sweet cocktail this time of the year. St. Germain has become upscale bars' go-to liqueur, since the elderberry is sweet but not cloyingly so. Try the Pear Tree Martini: pear vodka and St. Germain, topped with champagne.

15. Natural Ice

I had to add the “black death.” Only have a few bucks to your name? Buy a case, pack it in snow and starts preparing for the night to get hazy. This definitely induced more than a few wild nights.

Cue the Cab

If there's one thing that can destroy your holiday cheer, it's going to jail… or worse. Easily one of the dumbest things anyone can do, holidays or not, is get behind the wheel after getting sauced. The peeps at Jose Cuervo have created an app to help you get home safely. After you “cue the Cuervo,” you can “cue” a taxi quickly and easily after an epic night out. A perfect download during the holiday season, one simply enters their date of birth and phone number to register, and with a single tap, the app will use geo-location technology to communicate with the closest available cab company and ensure a safe ride home. Download it. Use it. 

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