These Badass, 100% Made-in-NYC Board Shorts Are a Summer Bro Wardrobe Gamechanger

He gives us a little DL on his company's story: 

Here is the story: When I was packing for my honeymoon in the Maldives, I wanted some new boardshorts and couldn't find anything that was functional, stylish and locally-made.  While I wound up settling for the 'moon, I recently decided to get to work crafting awesome boardshorts that are made in NYC.


That's quite a dilemma, Bro, and I feel you pain. So he did a little research in the Garmet District to figure out how to make a badass pair that's distinctly designed, cut, sewn, and finished by the Broest of the Bro fashion designers and manufacturers in New York City. In his own words, this is what makes Brooklyn Surf Shorts so damn great:

  • Timeless cut: not booty cutters, not baggy.  Just a great fit that will look great on any guy with any body type
  • Functional: Super comfortable fabric, big pockets to stash your stuff and a drawstring waist let you wear them anywhere. 
  • Colors: Classic colors that look like real shorts and don't scream “I'm going to the beach” or “hang ten, dude.”
  • Made in NYC: This is our favorite.  The shorts will be cut, sewn and finished by NYC artisans.

Personally, I dig the cut: Just above the knee with a slight taper and a small side slit for increased comfort and flexibility. I think we can all agree that flappy shorts that hang over the knee are NOT BRO. In fact, they're just plain slobby. Bros aspire to look crisp, not like fist-pumping douchebags. Hence the rabid success of brands like Chubbies. 

To get the label off the ground and a consumer reality, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for Brooklyn Board Shorts. You'll get a pair if you pledge $74 or more. Go check it out.