A New 6% ABV Budweiser! Plus 10 Things We Want This Week

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BlackBerry Z10, $200

The news on Wednesday that Research in Motion's stock ticker name will no longer be “RIM” was tough stuff to take—especially for those of us who have the maturity of Beavis and Butthead. But this dope new BlackBerry—announced after months of speculation— was a nice consolation prize. Gone is the famous BlackBerry keypad. In its place is a touch screen display, two gigs of RAM, and an 8-megapixel camera. As well as what promises to be a reasonable number of apps native to the phone. (Not iPhone level, but there will be some.) 

The best part of the deal? BlackBerry users can drop this iPhone inferiorty complex they've been harboring for the last few years. I was beginning to feel for you guys.

Party in a Box, $999

This looks like it'd come in handy for your next tailgate/frat party/”Project X” bash. A toaster-oven-sized, Bluetooth-enabled wireless rig, this stereo is promised to deliver sound “louder, deeper, and cleaner” than any other system its size. No word yet on how it handles beer spillage.

Everest App, Free

My favorite app I've seen in a while. If you're looking to conquer some sort of seemingly impossible goal—be it traveling the world, learning Mandarin, or getting to the gym more than once a week—download Everest. It asks you to write down the most important goals in your life, then breaks them down into a series of small, workable steps that all lead to one major end date. For instance, if you're trying to learn Italian, one of your daily tasks might be to watch a TED talk with Italian subtitles. Or, if you've set out the goal to be “awesome,” it might tell you to recreate this picture:


Bottom line: Everest is a cool idea, and it's a good way to trick yourself into actually improving as a man.

Something From a Thrift Shop, $Cheap

Fucking song won't get out of my head. We're going on six months now. If you're similarly afflicted, “Macklemore's Bible of Thrift Store Shopping” is here, and it's useful if you've got the thrift shop itch and want to hit one up this Saturday.

What, what, what, what.

(Bada, badada, badada, badabaaaaaa…)

Burton X Casio G-Shock Watch, $180

Designed for all the skiing and snowboarding bros out there, Burton and Casio's G-Shock watch features air pressure and temperature sensors, a high-brightness LED display, and a shock and water resistance for up to 200 meters. It also looks pretty sharp.

Dope Prints, $25.69

Featuring a minimalist design and an iconic quote from over 40 movies, Dope Prints is a cool diversion from the typical brand of movie poster.

(That's the actual name of the poster company, by the way.)

Schick Hydro 5 Disposable, $7.94


This is Schick's brand-new razor, and it might be the most comfortable shave we've used yet—thanks to its five blades, skin guard, and a hydrating “Gel Reservoir,” which, yes, sounds vaguely sexual. 

Absolute Best Chicken Wings, $Various

The next two items on the list are sort of specific for the Super Bowl, although they can be enjoyed all year long provided you DON'T HATE AMERICA.

The first comes from the good dudes at Cool Material. They've found the absolute best recipes out there on the Web for chicken wings, and there's no reason now for you to not eat them on Sunday, damn the shortage! We like the looks of the grilled honey BBQ wings, the Korean fried wings, and—dear God—the bacon-wrapped wings.

Budweiser Black Crown, $7.49

I wanted to make fun of Bud Light Platinum so badly when I first heard of it last year. While its 6% ABV was attractive, the whole idea of Bud Light making an “exclusive” and “premium” beer sounded ridiculous. Who cared before that Bud Light wasn't exclusive or premium? What market would this reach? Classy drinking college guys? I didn't think anyone would ever buy it.

Then the Super Bowl happened. This commercial—featuring “Levels”—aired after the game's first play.

And I watched everyone in the bar slowly begin ordering BLP's. My most excitable buddy, Mikey, literally yelled at a waitress for a bucket. It was a stunning achievement in advertising brainwashing—but this time, the marketing blitz was for a good cause. Because BLP's rule.

So now this, the Budweiser Black Crown, promises to be featured in the brunt of Bud's commercial efforts on Sunday. It's a golden amber lager, also with a 6.0% ABV, and it promises to be a better tasting version of the good ol' Budweiser Red Tab. I'm definitely not sold on it. It looks like it's aiming for the craft beer market, while Bud is much more in line with the “Get Shitfaced” market.

But I was incredibly wrong last year, so who knows. Budweiser Black Crown might just be the beer of the Super Bowl.

Project 818, $9,990

Finally, we end with something to aim for. This week, Thrillist featured a company called Factory Five Racing, which is known for making kits that turn your car from a piece of shit into the wheels you see in that Paul Walker/Vin Diesal street racing film series. (The one that had the name “Fast” or something in it.)

From Thrillist:

Having already established themselves as the go-to for Mustang- or Corvette-based kit cars, Factory Five Racing's just started production on Project 818: a Subi-based ride that continues their tradition of supplying gearheads with everything they need to turn junkyard parts into supercars, roadsters and classic Cobras.

To help in corner-carving abilities, the complex double A-arm front/multi link rear suspension is formed from a combination of proprietary parts, base Impreza/WRX bits, and aftermarket goodies like Koni coilover shocks/springs. Wilwood brakes slow it down, while the Subi motor “gives excellent balance from being both low slung and mounted behind the drivers compartment”. So the motor and your prom date should have fun swapping stories.


Kickass. I'll meet you guys out on the Rio streets.

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