Burger King Has A Completely Black Burger That Looks Completely Fucking Disgusting


Black buns. Black sauce. Black cheese. Add those all together and you get this pile of black shit before you. Nice work, Burger King.

This nightmare is thankfully not for purchase or consumption in America, but when I look at it, the only person I can envision eating it is the gross, chain-smoking landlady from Kingpin. You know, this one…

While Americans have been spared, the folks in Japan haven’t. Apparently, shit like this gets their appetites going. Really makes their mouths water. Whatever works, I suppose…

According to Kotaku:

This burger marks the fifth anniversary of BK’s return to Japan and the concept behind the hamburger is “irrationality”—because hamburgers with black buns ARE CRAZY.

To achieve that dark hue, the buns were made with bamboo charcoal. It’s also slathered in “black ketchup”, which is made from squid ink and garlic.




[Images via Burger King Japan]

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