Self-Proclaimed ‘Burger Pervert’ Writes The Definitive Book On The World Of ‘Pornburgers’

by 2 years ago

Mathew Ramsey, creator of the popular PornBurger blog, is turning America’s favorite sandwich into works of orgasmic art.

In his new book, PornBurger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes, the self-proclaimed “burger pervert” is indulging all of his naughtiest food fantasies.

Shamelessly health-unconscious and ready to entertain (or offend), Ramsey’s recipes deliver the ultimate in debauched burger stackography—handcrafted buns, patties, toppings, and sides, even some boozy beverages—expertly designed and lusciously photographed in a set of bombshell burger pinups.

But don’t be fooled by raunchy descriptions and Ramsey’s signature burger puns, like the Bill U Murray Me?, Spamela Anderson, and the Willem DaFoe–nut. This burger freak is a culinary-school-educated chef devoted to the dark arts of hamburgery. Ramsey shows you how to master as many essential cooking techniques as he offers graphically delicious images to ogle. Whet your appetite with delectable concoctions like the Horn Dog: clover honey, whole kernel corn jalapeño batter, slow-roasted pork belly, pickled hot dog, two smash-cooked PornBurger beef patties; the James Francophile: quick pickled beets, truffled demi-glace, Gruyère de Comté, one PornBurger beef patty, bone marrow onion jam, potato-chip-crusted fois gras gougère; and I Woke Up Like This: sriracha mustard, arugula, smoked bacon, American cheese, fried chicken thigh, quick-pickled hamburger dills, White Castle cheeseburger waffle.


Combining tantalizing meat blends, grinds, and cooking methods, PornBurger offers the ultimate dining experience and entices readers to create your own dirty kitchen adventures. This book is a couple steps above your typical “eat Five Guys and watch PornHub” night.

A couple HUGE steps.


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