‘Butterfly Keys’ — Impress Your Friends With Butterfly Knife-Style Flip Tricks Using Your House Keys

by 3 years ago

Super cool Every Day Carry Kickstarter project from a group of Los Angeles-based tinkerers and engineers.  It’s called ButterFly Keys and it’s a badass way of turning your regular, boring house or office keys into the ultimate fidget tool to impress your friends. It comes with a blank key that you cut at locksmith that you attach to the polished aluminum butterfly set. Voila, you have a key chain that flips and does tricks similar to an old school, gangster butterfly knife. Except, you know, it’s safe and legal. I.E.:

Go throw the project some support on Kickstarter to grab your own pair…

BUY IT NOW: Two for $30

BUY IT NOW: Two for $30

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