This ‘Blue Flame’ Hot Sauce From Maine Will Elevate Your Breakfast Taco Game Forever

Captain Mowatt's Blue Flame Hot Sauce

I first stumbled upon blueberry hot sauce at Biscuit Head during a bachelor party in Asheville and I’ve been hooked on this type of hot sauce ever since. It is ideal for putting on eggs, breakfast sandwiches, tacos of any sort, and it’s actually phenomenal on lobster rolls and similar dishes. I wanted to throw this A+ hot sauce on your radar today so you gents can get on board with blueberry hot sauce as well.

Captain Mowatt’s is based out of Portland, Maine and has been serving their deliciously unique hot sauces to locals for over a decade. Their flagship hot sauce is the Canceaux Sauce which contains a perfectly blended harmony of garlic and sweetness. But thanks to the guys over at Huckberry you can scoop up these Captain Mowatt’s hot sauces today.

The ‘Blue Flame‘ hot sauce from Captain Mowatt’s has a considerable amount of kick to it. They rate it as a 7 out of 10 on the heat scale so one bottle goes a long way. This sauce is made using locally sourced native Maine blueberries and red chilies that come together for the perfect blend of sweet and spicy that your breakfast tacos have been missing.

Let’s check it out:

Captain Mowatt's Blue Flame Hot Sauce

Captain Mowatt's Blue Flame Hot Sauce

Here’s some more info on Captain Mowatt’s hot sauces and the Blue Flame:

Portland, Maine might not be the first place you think of when it comes to hot sauce, but for over 20 years now, Captain Mowatt’s hot sauce company has been winning awards and amassing fans across the world. What began as a family effort—with three kids helping dad blend hot sauce in the family kitchen on Sunday mornings—is still a family-run business, creating culinary blends that use unique local ingredients and a fiery dose of heat. It’s perfect for livening up your morning eggs, lunchtime tacos, or even your next Maine lobster roll.

If you wanted to double up on the exquisite taste of Maine blueberries you could also pick up the Blueberry Ale from Atlantic Brewing in Bar Harbor.

You can pick up the Blue Flame hot sauce by following that link or any of the links above and you can shop all of the Maine-based Captain Mowatt’s hot sauces by hitting that ‘shop now’ button below and heading on over to Huckberry where they have each sauce on sale for just nine bucks!


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