Sandlite Blanket Is The World’s First Truly Sand-Free Beach Mat Using The Same Tech As Heli Landing Mats

CGear Sandlite Blankets

It’s beach season, finally! And if you don’t live somewhere with beaches then it’s lake/river/boating season. Today, I want to introduce you all to CGear, make of the Sand Free Mat and Sandlite.

These are the world’s first truly sand-free beach blankets and they’re made/designed using the sand-free helimat technology our military uses to protect against brownout conditions on helicopter landing pads. The mats are designed so the sand just falls right through the pad and doesn’t stick to it at all. Let’s check them out:

CGear Sandlite Blankets

Bundling up to the size of a bag of chips and weighing about as much, the Sandlite unfolds in seconds into a oversized beach mat with a specialized weave that lets sand pass through it in only one direction. We’d be lying if we said we understood exactly how it works, but suffice it to say they based the construction on the same tech that keeps helicopters from kicking up dust and sand on their landing pads. And since it’s lightweight and folds up into its built-in carrying bag, you can take it just about anywhere — drop it in your hiking bag and lay back with a celebratory High life in hand at the summit, or recline on the beach with cooler full of cold ones next you. Your choice, but either way — it’s guaranteed to be sand-free.

Shop Sandlite Beach Mats Here!!

So, these truly sand-free beach blankets/mats from CGear come in multiple designs and sizes. There’s the sandlite and the original. You can shop all of these sand-free blankets here.

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